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How To Turn On Office Communicator "SavePassword" Option

Just open regedit, add a new key called “Communicator” under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft”. Then under this add a new DWORD Value called “SavePassword” that equals “1”. Now you will have an option to save your Office Communicator password for instances when OCS is hosted or you are outside your network.

The substance for this post came from:
With me adding that you need to add a new key.

snom OCS Edition First Impression Video Review: Wow!

My first impression is very good. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Very very affordable, solid workhorse phone. THE answer to CEO's that don't want a "stupid software phone" but want benefits of OCS for their company.

Some things I didn't note on the video:
-OCS presence changes to "In Call" on a call.
-You can register to OCS and several SIP IP PBX's at the same time
-If you have the phone registered to OCS and SIP and make a call on SIP PBX it will put your OCS presence to "In Call"! Wow!

Search for the Best Office Communicator Webcam: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

I'm getting very hooked on video conferencing. When it is one-click to setup a call and the video is so smooth and life-like-wow. I've been checking out various webcams that work nice for Office Communicator. Currently I'm using a Logitech WebCam Pro 9000 for Business. I have zero issue with the Logitech--it's excellent. I'm just wondering-- is this Microsoft LifeCam Cinema even better? If you have any experience I'd be glad to here it as a comment here. Thanks.

LifeCam Cinema™ -- Meet the Inventor

ps--After reading some impressive reviews of this product, I've laid out a couple gift-certs I recieved for Christmas and have one of these heading my direction. Expect a video review sometime soon. ;-)

Free Office Communicator Addon:5 Minute OCS Integration With Any SIP Based Based IP PBX!

Watch as I setup integration from snom SIP phone to OCS in 5 minutes.
I'm impressed!

(Note that while this version integrates to snom phones, in theory this type of integration could work with any SIP phone, according to addon maker SINC)

How to Configure snom Phone to Register with OCS

snom is the only open SIP based phone to also natively connect to OCS. (yes, you can connect to OCS and a SIP IP PBX at the same time!) Here are the instructions on how to connect them to OCS.