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People Like the Free snom m9 Windows Softphone

Just got some feedback on the free snom m9 Windows softphone and thought I'd pass it on:
"It's easy to use, easy to set up, voice quality is great, and it looks awesome! We use it for VOIP and tested it on Telkom ADSL, Vodacom and MTN 3G as well and it works great. If the connection is not 3G, we struggle with it a bit but all problems can be sorted out. "
If you want the snom m9 softphone your welcome to download it:

Read my blog and video review of the snom m9 softphone:

Give your feedback on the snom m9 softphone:

snom 300 SIP/Lync Compatible: The Cheapest SIP Phone in the World Series - Part 2

This phone is the lowest cost deskphone from snom. It really stands out from the crowd of SIP phones in general because it is not only a SIP phone but also Lync compatible deskphone! And all that for $129 MSRP. It has the enterprise features too: POE, 10/100 switch, HD audio ready (you buy the handset ;-), 6 programmable buttons/lights (count 4 or 5 if you subtract the 1 or 2 you HAVE to have for a conversation.), a speakerphone, and even 3 way conference call via the phone. (if you have the right buttons assigned).

I really think snom is providing a great segway into the UC world with their well positioned handsets. Buy snom deskphones and get their free snom ONE phonesystem (Windows/Linux/Mac) for free now and be ready for the Lync Server revolution when you can afford it. (and it is just a matter of time before people are buying Lync instead of phone systems--EVEN FOR SMB!)

-no vm button!
-no nice way to print button labels?
-6 button/LED-taken up with normally dedicated buttons!!
-2 minute boot time

-Lync Compatible Device (see snom 3xx registered to Lync on this video)
-HD Capable (not HD handset)
-Zero touch provisioninh with snom ONE PBX
-Dual SIP Stack: Lync & SIP
-10/100 switch
-Free snom ONE PBX that runs on Windows/Linux/Mac
-Very low Power consumption.

-Sorry I can't get over it, but no dedicated voicemail button? even the lowly spa301 has dedicated button!

-Get your free copy of 10 extension snom ONE Phone system for Win/Linux/Mac and have not only low cost handset but phone system!


See Part 1: Cisco SPA301 - Cheapest SIP Phone in the World Series

Patton Provides Free PSTN Gateway Configuration Tool for snom ONE & pbxnsip Phone System

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am a fan of Patton gateways. But I've come to realize that it's not only me but the whole Windows PBX community seems to prefer Patton PSTN gateways over the alternatives by a pretty big margin according to my Feb 2010 survey.

Why? Rock solid quality and mind blowing level of support! I can't stress enough how good Patton support is. Just today, once again, I was struck by Patton's unusally proactive and astonishing support. I was talking to Daniel Lizaola at Patton support about the trouble new snom ONE administrators are having configuring gateways for snom ONE/pbxnsip because there is no built-in gateway "configurator". (otherwise an incredible pbx--one you should not miss!) Daniel said he can email over a free configurator developed by Patton for snom ONE!

This tool will also configure FXS ports on the Patton gateways for snom ONE. Unfortunately at this moment snom is limiting non-snom devices. (2 for free, 5 for yellow and 10 for blue) I would really like to see Patton's FXS unit as an "allowed & unlimited" device on snom ONE. If you would want to see this too I suggest you vote for this feature here.

So checkout this tool which will save you hours of "fiddling" and I'd be glad for feedback via comments.

Click Here to Download the free snom ONE, pbxnsip, 3CX and Generic Patton PSTN Gateway configurator.

Click Here to Read all my articles on Patton gateways for IP PBX's.

snom Phones Get Social Network Enabled: Twitter, RSS, Flickr & More

snom has done an "XML App World Cup" and the snom community has responded with a couple interesting applications to add value to snom phones. Now you can access twitter, RSS feeds, flickr photos, wikipedia & weather from your snom phone! There is also an interesting alarm clock app.

Below is a screenshot of the twitter app running on a snom 360. (360 resolution is kind of low, use 370 or higher in reality)

Below is a screenshot of the weather app (running on the snom 870 touch). Just run the app and type in your zip or city name!

Click Here to read more about &  install the apps on your snom phone.

If you want the source code you can link:

snom Tip: View Your Snom Phone Display Remotely Via Web Interface

Did you know you can view the screen of a snom deskphone remotely via the web? Just type in http://snomdeskphone_ip_address/screen.bmp. You will get a bmp of the phone screen! If there is an administrator password on the phone (which there better be! ;-) you will need to type that in one time.

Also I'm curious if I'm the only one that thinks it would be excellent if desk phone manufacturers would make "helper software" for the desktop computer to make tasks on the deskphone easier? Things like copy&paste dialing, easier access to pbx features (like intercom, call recording, transfer to voicemail, etc), perhaps add videostream to a non-video deskphone?