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This is a placeholder for my Ignite 2019 notes and observations.

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Microsoft Teams Compliance Call Recording Bot Sample Now Available

It looks like Microsoft has released the Compliance Call Recording Bot sample code.

On October 31, 2019 user "ksikorst" posted "Kasikors/compliance recording #121" sample bot code on the "Microsoft Graph Comms Samples" Github.

You can read an overview of how the sample works at this URL.

It appears like the way it works in brief:

  • Mark a Microsoft Teams user or users as a "recorded user" (will this be set via Powershell? TAC?)
  • Now when a "recorded user" gets in a call, a configured bot will be invited to the call

Since the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams does policy based call recording we are eager to have this new API functionality as an option, as I'm sure many other vendors are as well.


Microsoft Teams Presence Between Internal Teams User Now Updates In Near Real Time

It looks like Microsoft Teams presence between internal Microsoft Teams users is now nearly instant. (several seconds)

  • Internal Teams to Teams Users presence updates are immediate
  • External Teams user to another tenant is up to several minutes
    • I've noticed that presence will update in the header of the Chat window quicker than in the Contacts list (Chat | Contacts)
  • Teams to external Skype for Business users are still hit or miss when presence will work at all.

So if your users have gotten used to disregarding Microsoft Teams presence, you can  now start training them that presence is somewhat relevant again! I'm glad to see that Microsoft is focusing  Teams presence and is working on "making it great again". 😃

Announcement it was coming:

Presence API Coming

Microsoft Teams Meeting & Calling API Now Enabled for Incoming PSTN And You Can Call the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams To Test It Out

For those who have been waiting, the Microsoft Teams Meeting & Calling API now is enabled for incoming PSTN. PSTN callers can now call into your applications. (peer to peer and multiparty applications)

To not only say its possible, but also to demonstrate this new Calling API functionality, just dial +1-717-721-5367 to call a queue configured on the Landis Technologies Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. Read more:

If you already have a Microsoft Teams Calling API application, you can enable PSTN Callers to call it by using these instructions:

Jabra Foray into Video: Jabra Panacast USB 4k 180 Degree USB Webcam

Below is my quick video look at the Jabra Panacast at Microsoft Inspire 2019.

A few observations on the panaramic 4k USB webcam by Jabra:

  • 180 Degree panaramic view by stitching together 3 cameras
  • 4K USB video solution
  • Works with Teams because it is a standard USB webcam, but NOT Teams Certified as of this writing
  • The microphone in the device is not Jabra (because of acquisition)
    • Jabra recommend using Jabra speakerphone with it.
  • The panacast will frame the group using built in cpu
    • It does not recognize/frame the active speaker, but the group
  • The device built is metal and excellent feel/fit/finish
  • Because of the built in cpu to stich the cameras together, the case is a heat sink and it needed: the device gets warm, as did the Panacast edition of the usb webcam
  • Jabra apparently aquired the tech from

And here is the official Jabra page: