Enterprise Connect 2018 Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Observations

Microsoft started EC18 with a bunch of announcements, demonstrating the rapid  (even dizzying) pace of development of their Microsoft Teams product. Some of the big items include:

Read more details here:

Microsoft Teams Phone Application (Vendors Audiocdoes & Yealink)

Both Yealink and AudioCodes have prelease demonstration models of Microsoft Teams native desk phones running Microsoft developed android app.

I’ve done a blog listing some of the items we know about these new devices along with a quick first look video here:

SRS (Skype Room System/ to eventually be Teams Room System) Continue to Proliferate (Vendors Lenovo & HP)

To demonstrate how big Lenovo is betting on their new SRS, they have a complete booth dedicated to their SRS device.

Room Phones by Various Vendors

Polycom Trio, Yealink CP960 and Crestron Mercury. See Tom’s article:

Busy Light Vendors Continue to Innovate (Embrava)

Embrava brings a presence light that includes a name display for dynamics office spaces.

Landis Technologies is Showing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Our team is announcement and showing an Office 365 (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Online & Skype for Business Server) Contact Center at Booth 744.

Microsoft Teams Phone Application First Look

Quick Video Review Below of Audiocodes 450S Microsoft Teams native phone.

Some Items
-It looks like a "mini" Teams app
-Its an Andoid app
-Its a voice centric app
-There's a vendor settings menu in setup
-Hardware buttons work with app: for example dialing jumps to dialing screen, on Yealink model voicemail button switches to voicemail tab
-No "Better Together" connection to PC at this time (source:Yealink)
-No Teams messaging components seem to be on the app