What’s New in Skype for Business Server: New Features List


This blog will summarize the new features in Skype for Business Server 2015 (formerly known as Lync Server 2013). The goal for this blog is to be a brief way to see “What’s New & Improved”.

  • New Desktop Client Experience (very detailed blog
  • In-Place Upgrade
  • SQL Always On support
  • New in Meetings
    • P2P screen sharing performance fixes: Reduce bandwidth utilization by 10x compared to Lync 2013
    • Lync Room System to get updates
    • test
  • VIS - Video Interop Server (new server role)
  • Manageability Improvements
    • Windows Fabric v2 responsible for Failover mgmt., Pri/2nd node election, Replication between Pri/2nd nodes
    • Start a pool with single cmdlet: Start-CsPool
    • Simplified Patching Process
  • Server Core Updates to Improve Reliability
    • Conferencing reliability
    • Chat and presence reliability
  • New Voice Features
    • Call via Work
    • SILK available as a codec 
    • RGS Scalability Improvements
      • Agent Group 800; IVR Group 400; Agents per pool 2,400
    • Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) (new server role)
  • Mobility Improvements
    • Full history of IM across all endpoint
  • Skype4B to Skype Federation Improvements (Phase2)
    • Skype username search
  • New Development Platform: UCAP
Key Pictures

In-place upgradeimage

Simplified Patchingimage

Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)image

“Call Via Work” User Configurationimage




  1. Is this blogpost the simple copy-paste of the table of contents from the Office 365 summit blog session list?

  2. at the moment, pretty much. as more details come we will fill it out. It's my book more of what is known, details will be filled in :P

  3. LOL, ok, I should subscribe to this post then.

    1. we are "eager beaver" but can only write about what has public source. this is going to be my own ongoing "quick list" of what is new in Skype4B Server. Thanks!

  4. Returning from O365 Summit here are my notes I took from each Skype for Business Session


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