Microsoft Lync Attendant 2010 Causes Lync SDK to be Unstable

If you are having a problem running a Lync SDK based application you may need to uninstall Microsoft Attendant 2010 and repair Office.
  • Is Attendant 2010 installed on this computer? If it is, uninstall it.
  • If Attendant 2010 has been installed on this computer in the past, perform a repair install of Office 2013. You can do this in Programs and Features in the control panel.
Go to Add/Remove Programs (Office) | Change

If Office installed from MSI = Click “Repair”

If Office (Office Online) installed using ClickOnce = Click “Online Repair”


  1. Thank you! This resolved a problem I had running the Attendant Pro for Lync software on a Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS session host machine.

  2. @Daniel, glad the blog solved the problem! the problem is that the Microsoft Attendant 2010 install corrupts the Microsoft Office 2013 installation (and by extension the Lync SDK & applications that depend on it).


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