Matt Landis’ Enterprise Connect 2017 Skype for Business Notes


Will keep this blog updated as I see new things that strike me as interesting.

Streamed Keynotes

Microsoft Keynote by Ron Markezich on March 29 at 10AM EST: click here

Microsoft Announcements

Auto Attendants & Call Queues are GA

Skype Room System Dual Support Available Today click here

Skype4B Vendor Announcements

-Logitech Demonstrates Dual Screen Support for SmarkDock Skype Room Systems: click here


-EventZero Announces Support for Spectralink: click here

  • Jabra Introducing Jabra Speak 710 click here. Skype for Business Certified & Some Unique Points
    • HIFI Grade for  playing music
    • Button for Cortano/Siri/Google Now
    • Link 2 Speak 710 devices together
    • Stand to tilt the Speak 710


-Nureva HDL 300 aspires to make conferencing audio better using “8,192 Virtual Microphones“ looks interesting. (Not Skype for Business Certified) click here

-Audiocodes takes a different track to create a Huddle Room System (HRS) by bundling IP Phones and USB Speaker phones. Will click here



Others Following #EC17:

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