An Update on Audiocodes 440HD, 430HD, 420HD Lync Phone Series


Audiocodes has been working at the Lync firmware for their new 4xxHD Series of IP phones. In September 2013 the entry level 420HD phone achieved Lync Qualified status. (see my review here)

I was interested to see the progress Audiocodes was making on their Lync line up, especially the high end 440HD model (which sports a unique button plus LCD arrangement) and their Better Together over Ethernet functionality. Recently at Lync Conference 2014 Alan Percy and Ran Inbar gave me a short tour of what Audiocodes has in store for the future.

Below is video demo with Audiocodes CTO Ran Inbar:

I suggest to click close caption for better text

Audiocodes Better Together over IP

Audiocodes implementation of BToE will not require the controlling PC to be physically plugged into the Audiocodes 4xxHD phones’ switch. (snom UC Editon does not either, Polycom VVX does) It was noted that the IP phone will generate a unique Pin code that will be used initially to pair the phone and PC.


BToE on Audiocodes is slated to support

  • sign-in assist
  • call control like click-to-dial, hangup, hold, etc

Will not support video calls with phone providing audio portion of call.

Audiocodes 440HD Desi-Less Lync Contact Buttons

The clever DESI-less buttons on the 440HD will be assigned by adding a Lync contact to a Lync contact list. It was indicated to me that the contacts will be listed in alphabetical order like in the Lync client itself. If a user sets up a user definable button from the 440HD phone itself, the button will be added to the Lync client contact list as well.


As you can see in the photo above the buttons are tri-color LED (red, green, blue) lit and correspond roughly to Lync presence colors. The mono LCD is backlit and at this time seems to show the contact name.

Other Items

In a move that is not common with other vendors, Audiocodes plans to have white and black versions of the Audiocodes 4xxHD to accommodate different scenarios.

(Below you can see that the white version means that BLF button light up as a whole compared to black version)


It appears that there will be two different SKU fors the Audiocodes 4XXHD series:

  • UC420HD / UC430HD / UC440HD will be preloaded with Lync Firmware
  • IP420HD / IP430HD / IP440HD will be preloaded with SIP Firmware

Other options will be white/black or power supply/non.


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  1. Matt - great write-up!

    By the way, we'll have the full IP Phone Demo kit at Enterprise Connect, booth #1208 from March 17-19th. You readers should stop by, get a demo and enter to win a Surface 2!

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