Review of snom D7 Expansion Module for 7xx Series Phones (Skype for Business/Lync)

snom has released the D7 expansion module which is compatible with Skype for Business & Lync.

Quick overview:

  • 18 Buttons with color presence
  • Backlit Mono display for Contact Names
  • Colors are clearly Red, Green & Yellow
  • USB pairing means very simple pairing process
  • Daisy chain up to 3 D7’s for total of 54 buttons
  • coming Aaailability in grey and black
    • my D7 is black color (whereas older 7xx are grey)


  • Does not display the Skype4B/Lync presence text (“In a Call”, “In a Meeting”  etc)

Video Review of snom D7 Expansion Module

Color presence buttons and mono backlit display


The D7 doesn’t physically latch to 7xx phone (at this time, a latch is coming see below), it just sets beside it.


D7 beside snom 7xx


Back view: Non replaceable USB cord, USB plug and power plug. (the power cord is only used on the middle of 3 snom D7


documentation indicates 2 colors (grey & black) click here



The snom D7 is very easy to pair with a snom 7xx phone, just plug the standard USB into the host snom 7xx phone. Performance seems very snappy.

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