Google Blocking XMPP Invites From Federated Partners

As a big promoter of federation, this latest move by Google’s XMPP chat service got my attention. Free Software Foundation has noted that Google is blocking invites to be added to GoogleTalk contact list from federated XMPP partners:

Recently, some of our members started reporting that they were no longer able to add contacts at GoogleTalk, which is the Jabber service Google provides to Gmail users. Since Google has run a fully federated Jabber service for a long time and ours is new, we investigated under the assumption the problem was on our end. Turns out, Google has started blocking invites sent from non-Google Jabber servers. Subscription requests just disappear mysteriously, confusing both users and server operators

You can read the entire article by FSF by clicking here.

Who Is Affected By the Problem?

Since Microsoft Lync 2013 has native XMPP federation capability, this affects Lync community. Our Lync team has done a quick test and noted that Lync to Gmail Chat invites seem to no longer reach Gmail users. At this time we have had other verify the below solutions are affected by the blocking:


What is the precise problem?

Contact list invites from federated XMPP partners are not reaching Gmail users. (a secondary problem is that presence from Gmail to federated partners shows either offline or incorrect)

What Is a Work Around?

What you need to do for now is email the Gmail user you want to have add you to their contact list in Gmail chat and IM/P will work then.

Ongoing UPDATES on Google XMPP to Federated Partners Issues

Date Action
3/19/2013 Gmail to Federated partner XMPP presence now seems to be working; Contact list invites still seem to be blocked.

NOTE: Other Lync Server 2013 admin notes challenges with Google XMPP Federation: Click Here
NOTE: Office 365 does not include the Lync Server XMPP feature. Source: Click Here

Google notes they are taking this action to fight spam invites from certain domains. There is the possibility of having Gmail administrators add your XMPP domain added to a whitelist. (still getting details on this.)


This underscores a point: Standards alone are certainly not a guarantee that frictionless connectivity between people will occur.


How To Enable XMPP Federation to Google: Click Here


  1. @matt, you have any idea how to get on the XMPP whitelist for the GTalk servers?

    Its unfortunate that this had to happen just when Lync's XMPP federation became reliable in 2013.

  2. Jabber will be the next Reader in 2 years.

  3. I guess this explains why I can't get our gtalk federation to work in our OCS 2007 R2 environment. Unfortunate, but thanks for the great informative post.

  4. This morning my Google Talk presence started working in two different Lync environments (no changes on my end).

  5. As stated in the article, re-adding the corporate IM from the Google Talk side actually gets it working again, in our environment anyways.

  6. Recently, I started to see a 301 redirect from the Google XMPP servers when testing the port connection. Does this mean that the workaround may not work anymore?

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Length: 178

    1. what I am seeing today is that googletalk IM/P does seem to work.

      How are you testing the port connection?

  7. Hi all, just testing google talk federation with lync 2013 via xmpp.

    Tried the workaround and can send im's from lync to google talk but not the other way and also cannot see presence.

    anyone know what google are playing at here? do they have a whitelist of domains allowed? if so how do you get on it?


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