#Sonus SBC1000/2000 Gateways Report QoE to #Lync Monitoring in FW v3.1


It looks like Sonus has implemented Lync monitoring QoE in version 3.1 of their firmware for SBC 1000 and 2000.

Other new features Sonus is noting in Firmware 3.1:

  • Lync Monitoring QoE reported to Lync monitoring
  • Greater Session count on SBC 1000 from 100 to 160 session
  • 3G/4G Failover on SBA’s
  • Sonus EMS integration

How QoE on SBC 1K/2K Work? (Click Here for Step by Step Install)

Sonus SBC 1K/2K uses the Lync QoE Agent running on a Windows Server (the Sonus ASM) to collect QoE data.

On the gateway UI the QoE options under System | QoE


Some notes on requirements:

  • Sonus QoE license required (click here)
  • ASM required on the SBC node functioning as the QoE Agent Server Gateway.


For Lync Enterprise Voice it is essential to have integrated insight into the quality of all media paths: real-time media hardware  that does not report QoE is like driving a car without a dashboard. All gateways, SBC's and IP phones designed for Lync should have native QoE reporting into Lync Monitoring Server. Currently QoE is not a requirement for Microsoft Lync Qualified Gateways (or IP phones/endpoints) and it is good to see Sonus continuing its Lync related innovation by bringing this very essential functionality to its SBC1000/2000 devices.

While some vendors have their own monitoring tools, in Lync scenarios admins are not looking for yet another tool or pane of glass to implement, monitor and maintain.


Webinar on Jan 9, 2013:

Sonus SBC1000/2000 Firemware 3.1 Release Notes:

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