My First Peek at the New snom 760: Comments, Photos and Opinions

The new snom 7xx series phones (snom 720 and 760) have not quite hit distribution as I write this. But a couple of weeks ago at the D&H Hershey show I caught up with Paul Jameison of snom and got a quick glance at the snom 760. Since the demo unit wasn’t plugged in, no pictures of the display.

Quick Summary

  • using a snom bluetooth dongle you can directly use bluetooth headset
  • 12 or 18 2 color definable buttons
  • Dual gigabit ethernet ports (1 is power over ethernet)
  • “Silent” handset return to cradle feature

Below are some pictures and comments.


The snom 760 layout is a lot like the snom 821 with an extra set of definable buttons between 3.5” QVGA color display and numeric keys. When you return the handset of the 760 back in the cradle it has a very soft feel: Intentionally to avoid the “bang/Clunk” when returning it after a page or intercom. A nice touch.


The button layout around the display is similar to the snom 821 as shown above. There are 12 buttons/2-color indicators on the 760 and 18 buttons/2-color indicators on the 720. The screen is color.


The base of this unit is plastic compared to 8xx metal base. It requires no tools to install or change orientation (tilt level) which will be a welcome change from 8xx series phones.


The back of the 760 is shown above. Notice the USB which can be used for a snom WIFI or Bluetooth dongle. (click here to see snom bluetooth dongle) Also the dual 1GB ethernet plugs include LED’s to indicate the network status. Also the power plug port is shown. The unit can also be Power over ethernet.


The snom 760 keypad above: Once again similar to the 8xx. The mute, speaker and headset button have back light indicators.

Final Opinions/Observations:

  • I think there is room for a modern, key deskphone
  • Bluetooth capability fits the BYOD generation
  • Compared to 8xx, it is more “plastic”
  • Considering other new snom models have “Lync Qualified” designation I expect this unit will eventually go that direction as well and with “key system” features, could be interesting combination
  • I’m looking forward to trying out this model

Nice Video-Its marketing but shows phone nicely: click here
More detailed specs of 720/760: click here

A Community Driven Microsoft Lync Integration to Avaya?

The brainstorming is just beginning, but after that vigorous conversation over at Voipnorm, Tom Kisner summed things up by saying that for most organizations a SIP trunk connecting Avaya and Lync seems to be the best solution. It was noted this method has "some weaknesses such as no indication that a phone is “Busy” in Lync".

My question is: What if the Lync community would put their heads together and come up with a Avaya to Lync integration (or Cisco to Lync, or any PBX to Lync) that was truly "putting the customer first"? (by doing a simple integration that didn't "grey out" a lot of Lync features, allowed using exsisting hardware/investment and allowed the customer to fluidly transistion in the direction that made the most sense for them: towards more Avaya or Lync)  Perhaps it would be as simple as enhancing currently weak points when SIP trunking together Lync & Avaya? Frankly I think the Lync community is so engaged they just might be able to pull it off!

At this point we are at the brainstorming stage…and perhaps its just not doable. But if you want to join in…below are some questions/ideas to get your ideas going. Let’s hear your ideas...either on twitter or in comments below.

  • Integration with Avaya that enhances a simple SIP connection between Avaya and Lync
  • Ability to have Avaya deskphone status set Lync presence
  • Any other items that would improve SIP trunking Avaya / Lync integration?

Questions to answer:
  • What is required to get extension status (off hook/on hook/dnd) from Avaya server side?
  • Is some additional API required?
  • Which Avaya PBX should we use in our lab?
    • Avaya IP Office 500?
    • Nortel CS1000?
    • other?

  • Would a tray app on the client PC's be required?
  • Or merely a server side "helper"?

Solution Idea:

Integrating #Lync Server and #snom ONE IP PBX Step by Step: Free SIP/PSTN Gateway?

lync plus snom

Note: Lync requires responses to the SIP OPTIONS packets in order to declare a gateway alive. snom ONE Epsilon Geminids (not sure exact version that this tip is needed)  doesn´t answer unsolicited OPTIONS packets for security reasons in version unless you set ”out_of_dialog_options” in the pbx.xml.

I hear repeated requests for “the lowest cost gateway” to test Microsoft Lync Server. I think the lowest cost SIP Trunk gateway for Microsoft Lync is the free, Windows based snom ONE IP PBX. Not only is it free, but it is simple and Windows based so it fits into the Lync scheme very nicely. (also as a bonus compared to Asterisk gateway: no command line install or configuration files to mess with! Go Windows!)
Before we get started I’ll outline the basic steps we’ll take to accomplish this:

  1. Install snom ONE PBX on its own Windows OS
  2. Configure a snom ONE PBX trunk to connect snomONE and Lync
  3. Setup our new gateway in the Lync  Topology Builder and publish it
  4. Setup Voice Routing in Lync Control Panel
  5. Test and celebrate!

I – Install snom ONE

This is not an in-depth “How to install snom ONE IP PBX”  but some quick presumptions, prerequisites and suggestions will make this go so slick you’ll be surprised.

  • Presumption: install on Windows Server or Windows 7 to keep things simple. (once you’re a guru—Yes, you can run it on Linux too)
  • Install snom ONE on its own OS. Once again just to keep things simple and so they work THE FIRST TIME FOR YOU.
  • Make sure nothing is running on port 80 or 443 before snom ONE is installed. (why would anything be running on those ports if this is a fresh os install with nothing else on it? ;-)
  • Turn OFF the software firewall on the server running snom ONE PBX. (once again, humor me. If you are a guru turn it on when your all done and the integration is tested and working fine)

Okay, now go to and get your copy of snom ONE free. Its just a <20MB download so it will take just a minute. Extract the zip file and run the Setup.exe. You should be able click Next the whole way through the install until it is done.

snom one install next next next 

snom ONE IP PBX should now be installed. To test we'll log into the administration web console. On this server open a browser and go to http://localhost/ and if you see the login screen the install was successful.

log into snom ONE first time

The Account username is “admin” as shown and the default password is <blank> as shown and click Login. After logging in you will see the screen below. Cool! The last thing we need to do is activate the free license on this install of snomONE Free. This is just a few clicks and no phones can register to snomONE free without it. The big exclamation mark is letting you know you need to register so click on “here”

notice you need to register snomONE

Check “Use the evaluation copy…” and click save. [Note: this is NOT a time limited eval as this suggests. This is a full blown pbx. The only limitation is 10 extensions.]

license snomONE

snom ONE IP PBX is installed and ready to config! That was easy!

II - Configure a trunk to Connect snomONE and Lync

Now we are going to add a trunk to point at our Lync Server. Click on Domains | Select the “localhost” domain by clicking “” url beside “localhost” | Click on Trunks. Create a new trunk by filling in the info under “New Trunk”
  • Name = LyncGateway (not super important, just some name)
  • Type = SIP Gateway (important)

Now click “Create”.

snomONE create a new trunk 

Now we get to configure this Trunk. The important fields are highlighted.

  • Type = SIP Gateway
  • Trunk Destination = Microsoft OCS
  • State = Enabled
  • Domain = Lync Mediation Server FQDN
  • Username = Anonymous
  • Password = <blank>
  • Proxy Address = sip:FQDN;5060; transport=tcp
  • Send Call to extension = make it the snomONE AutoAttendent Extension
  • Assume call comes from user = an unused snomONE Extension

Click “Save” and…we’re done in snom ONE!
snomone lynctrunk 1

snomone lynctrunk 2

III – Setup our new gateway in the Lync Topology Builder

To add a new gateway to our Lync we will open the Lync Topology Builder. Go to PSTN Gateway | New IP/PSTN Gateway.
  • Gateway FQDN or IP Address = our snom ONE IP address
  • Listen Port = 5060
  • Transport Protocol = TCP

add gateway

Next we need to associate this new gateway with a Mediation server. Click on Mediation Pools and then our Mediation Server ( Now click on Edit Properties.

associate gateway to mediation server

Now we will assign our new gateway to this Mediation server. Just 2 settings.

  • Enable TCP port = Yes/Checked
  • Listening ports = TLS = not important; TCP = 5060 to match snom ONE

Now select our new gateway and Click Add. Now Ok to close this screen.

mediation gateway properties

Now you should be ready to Publish your topology. Click Publish Topology. (Note: if there are any problems with the topology there will be an indication beside “Lync Server 2010” in upper left. Scroll down on this screen to see what you need to fix.)

publish topology

If everything went as planned, your done with this section.

IV - Setup Voice Routing in Lync Control Panel

Now we will move to our Lync Server and open the Lync Control Panel. We will make a new Normalization Rule under “Dial Plan”. To do this Click “Voice Routing” | “Dial Plan” | select the “Global” dial plan | “Edit” | “Show Details” as shown below.

setup dial plan

Now under “Associate Normalization Rules” click “New”.

  • Name = snomONE
  • Starting Digits = 4
  • Length = Exactly 2
  • Digits to add = {remove the + so there is nothing in this field}

dial plan normalization rule

To save this “Normalization Rule” click “OK” | “Commit” | “Commit All”.
Click Voice Policy open “Global” and under “Associated PSTN Usages” click “New”.

  • Associated PSTN Usage
    • Name = snomone-pstn-usage
      • Associated Route
        • Name = snomone-route
        • Starting Digits… = 4 {then click Add}
        • Associated gateways = {your snomone gateway}

Now click “Okay” | “Okay” | “Okay” | “Commit” | “Commit All”.

V – Testing / Uncompleted Part

  • If you register a SIP softphone to snom ONE you should now be able to call Lync and vice versa
  • Is snom ONE working correctly?
  • call Lync AutoAttendendant
  • Can we call Lync from snom ONE?

Acknowledgements: Borrowed ideas from Jan Boguslawksi’s pbxnsip to OCS article, imaucblog's Lync to Asterisk article, and I’m sure somewhere else.
If you have any improvements, clarifications, corrections, please comment!

#Lync Quick Take: Microsoft and Avaya Trade Positions on “Coexistence”?

lync quick take

A rigorous conversation is happening over at The subject of “What Avaya isn’t Telling You About ACE” is being discussed in the comment section. Joe Shurman, one time Lync MVP, writer and now a UC strategy exec at Avaya has noted that “coexistence” will provide more value to the customer than a “combative” stance. Below is an excerpt from the comments:

I came into Avaya noticing how reactive the organization was because their new set of services had not yet been released and Microsoft Lync was taking off like wildfire within each of their accounts, especially the large ones. The response was combative and focused on an Avaya vs Microsoft campaign that I was a part of. I decided after meeting with several customers to stop this kind of messaging and attack as it provides no value for the customer and only causes further frustration. With this approach, I created a new set of presentations, recorded several internal socialcasts, and developed a new competitive strategy that focused on coexistence.

I am not an Avaya ACE expert at all, but for some reason I think this conversation might yield something beneficial for the customer.

Follow the dialog here:

#Lync Quick Take: MVP John Weber Does a Long Review of Lync Mobile Client Damaka XyncCollab

lync quick take

John Weber does a long review of XyncCollab Lync mobile client. A lot of pictures and observations. Good stuff, good take a look.

Note: Xync is not Microsoft Certified.

Click Below:

Microsoft Lync Mobile Client News Timeline & “LiveStream” as it Becomes Available #Lync

contact list
We know all you Microsoft Lync fans are excited about the coming Lync Mobile client. Since I’m watching with equal interest and in the interest of having accurate information out there I will keep a journal of publicly available, sourced information about the coming Microsoft Lync Mobile client.

The latest news will be at the Top. Bookmark this page as we will update it as more properly sourced information becomes available.
Let the countdown to Lync Mobile begin! Winking smile

  • 12-20-2011 – 10AM EST From feedback it appears that iOS push notifications are not in operation yet.
  • 12-20-2011 – Around 3AM EST Lync Mobile for iPad and iPhone  became available on AppStore. Click Here
  • 12-13-2011 – Push notifications are reported working by some Lync Mobile for Windows Phone users. (source: click here)
  • 12-11-2011 - Lync Mobile client for Windows Phone becomes available on the Marketplace early: Dec 11 around 7:20p EST according to WPCentral. See the app on Marketplace click here
  • 12/9/2011 – Lync Mobile clients available week of Dec 12, 2011 according to @ckale82 RT by DRrez) (dependant on each marketplace/appstore process)
  • 12-9-2011 – DrRez gives update on Lync Server 2010 Mobility on NextHop blog click here
  • 12-9-2011 – The “Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service and Microsoft Lync server 2010 Autodiscover Service” is available for download click here (via @tomarbuthnot)
  • 12-8-2011 - The "Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide" is available for download: click here
  • 12-8-2011 – Lync Mobile app for Windows Phone is listed (but not downloadable) from Marketplace. See screenshots and more: click here
  • 12-2-2011 – Microsoft Partner training on the new Lync Mobile client schedule 12/9/2011. (for partners only-requires login) click here
    • Prepare for the upcoming Lync mobile clients and Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service releases
  • 11-22-2011 - Microsoft Australia confirms that Microsoft Lync Mobile client is coming to WindowsPhone, iDevices, Android and Blackberry in the next 4 weeks. This is not "news" since Microsoft has been communicating Lync Mobile by year end 2011 for some time, but it is another confirmation (source MicrosoftAustralia )
    • Also, I think this may be the 1st time that Microsoft has publicly fingered this number of specific vendors who will recieve clients.
    • Noting "iDevices" is interesting.
  • 11-21-2011 (2:45 EST) @tomlcskid notes that installing CU4 is first step towards Lync Mobile. He also notes that there are no dates for Lync Mobile clients but that they are coming "soon".
  • 11-21-2011 - Tommy Clarke notes that to use Outside Voice (aka: Call via work, Voice over GSM/CDMA or voice calling over your mobile voice network via client) on Lync Mobile you will need Enterprise Voice enabled. (this is what would be expected)
  • 11-21-2011 – @ocsguy notes mobility server components not in currently available CU4 updates.
  • 11-19-2011 – Appears that Lync 2010 November 2011 CU (CU4) Update page is here. My quick check shows no mobile client on WindowsPhone marketplace. Here are the URLs:
  • 11-07-2011 – “Lync on mobile is still on track for this calendar year…” @nomorephones
  • 10-26-2011 – WPCentral looks at the Lync Mobile client present on the Nokia 800. Their comment was “The communications app for enterprise was quite snazzy and very fast…”
  • 10-22-2011 – Information Week notes “Microsoft…will release a version of its Lync collaboration suite for a number of mobile platforms…”
  • 07-15-2011 – An alpha version of Lync Mobile for Windows phone was demonstrated at WPC2011. See this video starting at 20:44. See photos of the same session here.

You can also check for the apps yourself here:

Other WPCentral InformationWeek

QuickTake: Finally a Working VOIP App for WindowsPhone! Tango



Looks like there is now a working VOIP app for WindowsPhone. From my quick try on my Samsung Focus the voice VOIP part works slick. (no joy on video because of Focus lack of

Some quick items

  • does video or voice over IP (hardware permitting in video)
  • does it over 3G/4G/WIFI
  • my initial experience is that it is a very good experience app wise

Screen shot:


See more here:

“Who Can Federate” Tool Tells Outlook Users Which Contacts are Lync or OCS Enabled #lync #outlook #federate


The WCF Tool (who can federate tool) is a free, end user or consultant tool to make users aware which of their own Outlook 2010 contacts are available to collaborate using Microsoft Lync or OCS.

The tool takes just a minute to install and run and the only requirement is that you have Outlook. That’s right, you don’t even need Lync or OCS, so this is a great sales tool for those who don’t even have a Microsoft UC solution yet as well as awareness driver for those who do. You likely will be surprised by some of your Outlook contacts that have Lync/OCS federation. (I was!)

The WCF Tool brings together the power of the  Lync Federation Directory project list of Lync/OCS enabled organizations and DNS queries to discover which contacts in an Outlook contact list can collaborate.

Download the WCF Tool on TechNet here:

Lync Mobile to Debut Today? Paul Thurrott Stirs #Lync #Mobile Rumor Pot


splash screen

Nov 7, 2011 8:25a EST - Paul Thurrott Says Spotify and “Possibly #Lync (mobile) as Well…” Today in NYC at #WindowsPhone PR Event :

His exact words:

8:25 am: Rumor alert

First up, a couple of rumors. My sources tell me that Spotify for Windows Phone will likely debut today. Possibly Lync as well.

I would say don’t get too excited about Lync mobile but enjoy the WindowsPhone coolness. Lync Mobile is “on track for this calendar year” but no promises beyond that. Winking smile  Click Here  for Paul’s coverage of Windows Phone PR Event in NYC Today

Note: No Lync Mobile app for WindowsPhone has shown up here yet. Winking smile

Lync QuickTake: Report Says 68% of Enterprises View Mobile Devices as Primary Endpoint


lync quicktake

David Byrd over at ChannelPartners has an article titled “Mobility and UC” and he has some interesting stats and forcasts by Frost & Sullivan:

  • UC Clients by 2016 forcast reduced to 30m from 50m due to mobile devices
  • 68% of Enterprises veiw mobile devices as primary communication endpoint
  • The debate about BYOD is over: this is the future
  • Tablets for business: 10% today, 70% in 2016
  • Desktop phone will drop from 37% to 20% by 2016

So perhaps my offhand comment on a busy day is more true that I thought?
”The mobile device is the communication endpoint of tomorrow?”

Read the whole article by clicking here

#Lync User QuickTip #13: What if Your Phone Would Tell What Time it is for Person You are Calling? Lync Does!

Ever need to quick check the time zone at a customer or friend before you call them because they are half way around the world? Or even a couple time zones away? Well, Lync will show you the time for a contact in one of two ways:

  • If your contact has your Privacy Relationship set to colleague (or closer) it will be right in the contact card as shown below! wow
  • Otherwise you can use the free Information DashBoard available here


time on contact card

Tom Arbuthnot has a complete article on the subject and suggest you head over there and take a look: Click Here

Ah, and I see LCSKid has one too: Click Here (I am really late to this party Winking smile

To see more of the “Lync 30 Second Tip of the Day” Series:

To get the Tips as they arrive follow:!/matthewlandis

Results of Our “Favorite Microsoft #Lync IP Phone” Poll

Finally here are the results of our “what is your favorite lync IP phone poll”. I would like to thank all 151 contributors!

The winner was the Polycom CX600 followed closely by the Aastra 6725i which are both “Aries” with Better Together USB. Which is not a surprise considering Microsoft is promoting this model as the “flagship” Lync phone.

[ Past post on CX600: click here ]

most voted lync ip phone

What is perhaps a bit surprising is #3: snom 821 UC Edition. This is a newly “Lync Qualified” device running snom’s own SIP stack (not Lync Phone Edition) The snom 821 has some interesting features like being able to register to a SIP pbx at the same time as Lync as well as being able to set presence directly on the phone. The cons are it is not “Lync Optimized” and provisioning is not built into Lync Server like “Aries” unit.

[ Detailed look at snom 821: click here ]

#Lync QuickTake: snom Makes Provisioning UC EndPoints Easier with New “snom Active” Solution


lync quicktake

Looks like snom is aiming to make provisioning snom Lync Qualified devices a little easier to provision with their new provisioning solution call snom Active.

Read More:

New Informal Report: Approximately 23% of Fortune 1000 Companies Have a Public Facing Microsoft UC (Lync, OCS or LCS) Deployment


New informal report  indicates approximately 23% of fortune 1000 companies have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment (Live Communication Server, Office Communication Server or Microsoft Lync). 

Landis Computer, a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner that focuses on infrastructure, UC and Dynamics, has used publicly available DNS records1 to compile some informal statistics on public facing Microsoft UC deployments.

The first statistics focused on a list of Fortune 1000 compiled in 2008 Andrew Pavlo2. This list is admittedly dated but still yields some interesting results. From this list of fortune 1000 we see 239 (or 23.9%) who have public facing Microsoft UC deployment. Of these same 1000 companies 255 (or 25.5%) appear to be configured to federate to UC partners.

fortune 1000 chart

Another set of statistics were run on the 100 oldest dot com domain names3 yields that 19% have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment. 32% of them have some form of federation to other UC partners.

oldest dotcom chart

We also ran our tools on the 54 oldest .edu domain names. Out of 54 domains 11 (or 20.3%) have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment and 12 (or 22.2%) appear to be configured to federate to UC partners.


What seems to be a recurring theme is a percentage of approximately 20-25% of organizations have some type of Microsoft UC solution in place.

To reiterate some of the caveats with this informal report:

  • Fortune 1000 list is dated. (if you have a newer one, we’d be glad to run statistics on a newer list)

  • Having the noted DNS record does not guarantee that an organization is using Lync but is typically a very good indicator they are using it or planning to shortly

  • A public facing deployment does not indicate what percentage of users in the organization have Lync deployed to them.

This report is certainly not the final authority on Lync deployments but gives some increased visibility into Microsoft UC deployments as they stand today.

[If you have interest in more statistics about Microsoft UC implementations we have charts by country and by organization type at the “Lync Federation Project” (which has different data sources).]

1 Response to ._sip DNS considered “Microsoft UC public facing deployment”.
1 Response to .sipfederationtls DNS considered “federated to UC partners”
2 2008 Fortune 1000 list by Andrew Pavlo: Click Here 
3 100 Oldest .COM Domains by tgdaily:  Click Here

Microsoft Lync Marketshare; Micrsoft UC marketshare, who is running microsoft lync, which companies are running microsoft lync