My First Peek at the New snom 760: Comments, Photos and Opinions

The new snom 7xx series phones (snom 720 and 760) have not quite hit distribution as I write this. But a couple of weeks ago at the D&H Hershey show I caught up with Paul Jameison of snom and got a quick glance at the snom 760. Since the demo unit wasn’t plugged in, no pictures of the display.

Quick Summary

  • using a snom bluetooth dongle you can directly use bluetooth headset
  • 12 or 18 2 color definable buttons
  • Dual gigabit ethernet ports (1 is power over ethernet)
  • “Silent” handset return to cradle feature

Below are some pictures and comments.


The snom 760 layout is a lot like the snom 821 with an extra set of definable buttons between 3.5” QVGA color display and numeric keys. When you return the handset of the 760 back in the cradle it has a very soft feel: Intentionally to avoid the “bang/Clunk” when returning it after a page or intercom. A nice touch.


The button layout around the display is similar to the snom 821 as shown above. There are 12 buttons/2-color indicators on the 760 and 18 buttons/2-color indicators on the 720. The screen is color.


The base of this unit is plastic compared to 8xx metal base. It requires no tools to install or change orientation (tilt level) which will be a welcome change from 8xx series phones.


The back of the 760 is shown above. Notice the USB which can be used for a snom WIFI or Bluetooth dongle. (click here to see snom bluetooth dongle) Also the dual 1GB ethernet plugs include LED’s to indicate the network status. Also the power plug port is shown. The unit can also be Power over ethernet.


The snom 760 keypad above: Once again similar to the 8xx. The mute, speaker and headset button have back light indicators.

Final Opinions/Observations:

  • I think there is room for a modern, key deskphone
  • Bluetooth capability fits the BYOD generation
  • Compared to 8xx, it is more “plastic”
  • Considering other new snom models have “Lync Qualified” designation I expect this unit will eventually go that direction as well and with “key system” features, could be interesting combination
  • I’m looking forward to trying out this model

Nice Video-Its marketing but shows phone nicely: click here
More detailed specs of 720/760: click here

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