#Lync User QuickTip #4: Running Lync Twice on the Same PC

I need to immediately confess that this tip will take more than 30 seconds to implement, but it should take less than 30 seconds to get the idea! Winking smile

Alright, so you want to open Microsoft Lync twice on the same PC? Or you want to run Microsoft Office Communicator and Lync at the same time? Well, you can’t install 2 copies of Lync/OCS directly on the same Windows OS but you can run the 2nd (and 3rd, 4rth…) copy in a virtual machine…and it can work very slick!

I’ve found the VMWARE Player works very slick to accomplish this. (you could also use XP Mode if you have Windows7) As a matter of fact you can even have audio enabled and use a USB phone like Polycom CX300/snom UC600 connected to these instances! Using the “Unity Mode” the 2nd VM “disappears” and it is just like you have Lync running twice.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the free VMWARE Player
  2. Install Windows of your choice inside it
  3. Install Lync or Communicator and login to the user of choice
  4. Now enter “Unity” mode as shown below.
  5. Enjoy you multi-Lync enabled PC

run lync twice - enter unity

Now it will act just like it is running local. Alt+Tab works and all! Enjoy.

run lync twice - running twice

UPDATE: For a bunch more options if you are dead set on running Lync twice:

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#Lync User QuickTip #3: Quickest Way to Pin a Contact From an Open Instant Message Window?

Do you ever have a Lync user that pops out of nowhere (maybe one of those fine Federated friends? Winking smile And you want to just PIN them on your contact list? I think I found the quickest way to pin an open IM Window’s contact—in 3 clicks!

  1. Right click on the contact name on the open IM window
  2. Left click on “Add to Contacts List”
  3. Select the Group you want them in!


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Breaking: HP Releases Lync Optimized Deskphone: HP 4120

Is HP joining the Lync crowd? No questions here. What about 3com NBX?

Does this handset look surprisingly like the snom 8xx series? ;-) Interesting.

New snom UC Edition Firmware Now Available to Registered Partners and Users

The new snom UC Edition that was announced just a little bit ago is now available. Goto and click on

More about the new snom UC Edition firmware Qualified for Microsoft Lync:

#Lync User QuickTip #2: Commenting On A Status or Photo Update Made A Little Easier By Lync

Did you know that if you are looking at your Activity Feed and decide to IM a comment about a Status or Photo update, Lync automatically sets the Subject of the IM an to:

  • RE: Your status
  • RE: Your new photo

IM about status or picture change

Just another small way Lync 2010 makes your life smoother and easier!

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Its Official: Microsoft Releasing Lync Mobile in Next Few Weeks #lync #wp7 #ios

According to Information Week, our Lync Mobile wait is nearly over. In an article released just an hour ago Information Week noted:

Microsoft in the coming weeks will release a version of its Lync collaboration suite for a number of mobile platforms, a company executive said.
Kirk Gregersen, senior director for Lync in Microsoft's Office division, said the software maker plans to release Microsoft Lync Mobile for Windows Phone 7, as well as for rival offerings from Apple and Google. "We want to be where our users are," said Gregersen, in an interview Wednesday at Microsoft's New York City office.

Quoted Highlights of article:
  • the software maker plans to release Microsoft Lync Mobile for Windows Phone 7, as well as for rival offerings from Apple and Google.
  • The Windows Phone client for Lync Mobile will run on both the original version of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
  • The next big update (to Office365), beyond the mobile version, is a patch that will allow desktop users to make Internet calls directly from within Lync to any landline or mobile device…

See hi-res photo’s of Lync Mobile for Windows Phone Here:


COMING: Lync for WindowsPhone With A/V, Lync Meetings & ScreenSharing on Mobile from Damaka #android #wp7 #ios


Many have been waiting a long time for an official Microsoft Lync client to come to mobile devices such as iOS, Android and WindowsPhone7.

A company called Damaka  has stepped up to the plate with a product call Xync to fill this gap. At the moment it appears the Lync community will be depending on Damaka to provide things beyond presence, IM and contacts management for some time. (at Microsoft’s current Lync Mobile client delivery speed Winking smile

I was glad to be able to talk to Ramesh Chaturvedi, VP of Business Development at Damaka, to discuss in depth Damaka’s plan and vision for it multiplatform mobile client for Microsoft Lync, Xync.

Q. Who is Damaka?
A. We are a software vendor making UC solutions for mobile. We are based in Richardson Texas and trying to bring UC to mobile. Our team has a telephony background and we are very standards centric. We made the first mobile video on Windows Mobile 6.1 in 2006 and now we have extended that to Android and iOS. Our vision at Damaka is “mobile unified communications”.

Q. Why can Damaka deliver a solution Microsoft so far hasn’t?
A. Many have asked us this question. The answer is simple:

  1. We have started this SIP UC mobility 4/5 years ago. We did the first mobile video on Windows Mobile 6.1 so we have a head start. All we needed to do is target OCS/Lync now.
  2. We are a smaller and more nimble company. Our OCS/Lync clients now on the market represent 6 months effort so we can move fast.

Q. What devices will Xync by Damaka target?
A. Currently we are targeting iOS and some specific Android and Android tablet models. We are eager to support Windows Phone but up until now we didn’t have the camera API’s we needed. Enterprises seems to be leaving Blackberry so at this point we are at a “wait and see” on that front. Specific models:

  • Android 2.2 Sprint models only (camera API limitation)
  • Android 2.3
  • Samsung Galaxy 7.1 tablet
  • Motorola Xoom
  • iOS
  • Symbian c5
  • Symbian c7 (recommended)
  • Windows Phone “Mango” (future)

Q. Lync on Windows Phone?! Tell Me More!
A. Definitely Windows Phone will be targeted. Remember our history with Windows Mobile? We made video on WM6.1 back in 2006 and Windows is important to us.We definitely will target Windows Phone. Up until now the lack of Windows Phone camera API has been the hold up. The camera API should be available to us this month and then we will start work.

Q. When can we expect Xync Lync/OCS client for Windows Phone?
A. Once we get the necessary API’s we project 4-8 weeks development time. Less than 2 month.

Q. Will Xync be Lync Certified or Qualified with Microsoft?
A. We are working on this. Since we are a mobile client this is a new area for Microsoft with Lync, but we are working on this.

Q. While we are on the subject of Windows Phone, what about a standard SIP client for the platform?
A. The Damaka team is looking into and it is on our our roadmap.

Q. The Xync client is as simple as installing client on device and logging into OCS Lync?
A. Yes! We connect directly to the edge outside the network or to the Lync FE server directly inside the network using SIP. No extra UCMA server, no extra Lync Server role for mobile—the Xync client is the complete solution.

Q.  How can I get such great audio quality on Android device over 3G?
A. Damaka team has a creative implementation for audio codec to produce good quality even over 3/4G networks.

Q. Tell me more about Xync codecs and protocols.
A. As I said before as a company we are firmly committed to industry standards.

  • Audio = G711 and Siren
  • Video = H.263
  • Nat traversal = ICE,Stun Stun
  • SIP with TLS
  • SRTP

Q. What about RTAudio?
A. We are in “wait and see” with RTaudio. We are more interested in RTVideo and actively evaluating if RTvideo does enough video compression for the cpu cost. Does the tradeoff make sense? We are evaluating.

Q. It looks like Xync will come in several versions?
A. Yes, we plan to have 3 versions of Xync:

  • Xync – Presence, IM, Audio, Video, PSTN calling, Contacts, and Search – 19.99 USD
  • Xync Conf – Xync plus IM, Audio, Video Conferences – 24.99 USD
  • Xync Collab – Xync Conf plus Desk, App, File, PPT, Whiteboard Sharing – 29.99 USD

Not all Conf and Collab features done. Video Conf, PPT, Whiteboard are expected in the October 2011 timeframe and users who get the products will get free upgrade.

Q. What about Microsoft’s Lync mobile client slated for late 2011? How does Damaka see Xync and Microsoft’s client’s positioning in relation to each other?
A. We see Damaka Xync as complimenting Microsoft’s own mobile strategy. Currently there is a gap in Microsoft’s mobile story and we are filling that gap in the interim. For Lync Wave 14 there is no audio/video in Microsoft’s strategy—and once again we are complementing by providing that once a Microsoft mobile client is here. When will Microsoft bring desktop sharing to the the mobile? It is not clear at this time. In the interim Damaka Xync Collab product will provide that.

Q. What about bugs in current versions?
A. Software is always imperfect and can be improved. Device limitations can cause problems. On the iOS specifically we were fighting a 10minute background app kill that was causing problems but we now have a new API to fix this. Also, 3/4G is not perfect and can cause some issues if there is a disconnect. We will add fixes and (in some cases) features and users will get these at no extra cost.

Q. Where do we go for more information?
A. Obviously our website, but we also have a new video site:

NOTE: I’ve kept my opinions out of this post—but you can post your opinions in the comments. Winking smile 
If you have any comments, questions or opinions about Xync, please comment!

BREAKING! snom Has New 700 Series Up Its Sleeve: Will This Be Ultimate Deskphone to Bridge Key-Systems to Microsoft Lync and UC? #snom


Note: a lot of conjecture here since I’ve had no official update from snom yet. Please note a lot of personal opinion/speculation here.

After all the “Lync Qualified” and “Lync Optimized” news out of snom last week you wouldn’t think the same company has more up it’s sleeve—but it does.

Photos of a new snom phone series, the 700 series, have “leaked” out of Berlin. This new phone series appears to be aimed at replacing the aging snom 3xx series and  sports a bundle of definable buttons much like the snom 3xx series. We’re seeing 2 models that appear to be the snom 760 and 720(?).

The snom 760 appears to have a color LCD display comparable to the current snom 821 and 12 BLF/definable buttons. My guess is that the 8xx series will continue to cater to the “upscale/executive” market while this 760 will be a more entry level unit.

Below we see a model which I expect to be the 720. Smaller and no color display. It does sport a whopping 18 BLF/definable buttons. From the tiny photos I can’t see if either model has lamps to go with the buttons or no, but lets hope they do. (and while I’m hoping can I hope they are mutlicolored to correspond to Lync available/busy/away/dnd status’? I will not get hopes up on that front-just wishful thinking)


Will the 700 series have the snom UC Edtion firmware? I would expect it will. The Microsoft Lync Certification is a process that each model number needs to goes through so if this model is not “Lync Qualified” out of the gate I expect that will come later. 

I believe snom is looking to build on the success of the snom 300 which it has noted is their biggest seller. In the snom 7xx series I see snom targeting a phone for the masses that combines old world “button phone” with snom UC Edition Lync connectivity. While a lot of Microsoft Lync purists may “pooh-pooh” buttons, I think this phone could be a great model to bridge people/mindsets/boardrooms the whole way from key system PBX’s to Microsoft Lync unified communications.

Update! More Details Emerge:
It looks like some of my guesses weren’t that bad. Winking smile

snom 720760 - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-09-18_20-11-10


snom 760

snom 720

screen 3.5” QVGA 3 Line b/w
WLan Ready Yes Yes
UC Ready Yes Yes
LAB Gigabit Gigabit
Keys 12 bi-color 18 bi-color
HD Speaker Yes  
Virtual Keys Yes  
Conference 5 users 5 users
Address qty   1,000

UPDATE #2 9/19/2011 – I’m hearing “vibes” that the snom 760 and 720 may become “Qualified for Lync” by as soon as November. If so, this would most likely mean these models are based pretty closely on the 8xx series. And if so, that should also mean that there is not as much “dust to settle” in the firmware as there could be.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments here or on twitter at

For the Record: Lync Web App Works on Windows 8



A Colleague was playing with the very newly released Windows8 (preview?) and it wasn’t long until he was showing me that Lync Web App does indeed work on Winodws 8.

Bring on the future! Winking smile

Video of How Lync Mobile Video Will Look on Windows Phone Mango


Ok, so maybe Lync Mobile will be even better than this Tango thing? It better be after this wait! Winking smile Okay, I don’t want to spread any more rumors: there is going to be NO VIDEO or audio on the coming Lync Mobile for Windows Phone according to respected Lync community guys. Maybe sometime later, but not right away. So get this video stuff out of our collective Lync heads.

In Another development about the Lync Mobile App for WindowsPhone, GustavoSanchez Is Testing It.

Twitter  @GustavoSanchezG Testing Lync Mobile for Wi ..

So how does this guy rate to get Microsoft Lync Mobile app while the rest of us only have some foggy “Q4 2011 timeframe” upon which to base all our hopes and fears? Winking smile

So If you are having a hard time waiting for the Lync Mobile App, peruse these good pictures of the app---its all us unwashed masses have right now.

6 Steps To Getting Your Lync Server 2010 Live Messenger PIC Enabled

I wondered around in the “pineapple fields” a bit trying to get all these pieces together so I thought I’d compile them here. Open your Lync users to 350 million Live Messenger users soon!
  1. Make sure your Lync Edge server is working “ship shape” before trying to federate to Live Messenger.
  2. Before getting started make sure you have NO LiveMessenger ID’s using your Lync domain. To fix these ID’s login to your Skydrive/LiveID account to change the username.
    1. For example if your Lync Server is at “” you need to change any live ID’s that have “vanity” ID ending in “” to something else. (preferably a default Live domain like "")
    2. REMEMBER: you can only change your Live ID once every 6months—so get it right the first time!
    3. To avoid issues later I recommend that you remove any other contacts in your Live Messenger contact list that will be transitioning from LiveID accounts to Lync accounts and readd them after they are on Lync.
  3. Get provisioned started with Microsoft by heading over to
    1. Microsoft says it could take 30days: My experience was 7hrs later Live Messenger was provisioned. Microsoft Lync PIC provisioning team noted that AIM typically takes a bit longer.
  4. Do your Live Messenger federation configuration in Lync Control Panel.
  5. To enable LiveMesenger you need set Lync to not force encryption. Do this by following these instructions.
  6. To add Live Messenger clients to your Lync contact list add them to Lync just like Lync clients! 
    1. Note: If the Live Messenger you want to add is using a vanity LiveID enter the contact like this: liveiduser(live-id-vanity-domain) For example: would be john.martin(

Pie Chart of Microsoft Lync Implementations by Country #lync



I was fiddling around and surprised even myself with the data that is emerging from the “Lync Federation Directory” project. So truly this is companies federated by region as opposed to just Lync implmentations. Checkout the live chart below:

If you would like to help make this chart more accurate you can submit Lync federated companies by commenting on the below post:

This chart will remain updated so you can bookmark this page.

Lync Desktop Sharing Coming to Mobile by Damaka Xync! #android #ios #ipad


Just saw this incredible video of Damaka Xync collaboration edition doing a desktop sharing session.

Wow, now car drivers everywhere can be even more dangerous! Winking smile Imagine us eventually attending (or more crazy yet, Doing, a Lync Meeting on the go? Winking smile

Enjoy the video, its impressive:

BREAKING AGAIN: snom Releases Entirely New “Optimized for Microsoft Lync” Deskphone: snom UC600


snom has wholeheartedly joined the “Lync revolution” as indicated by today’s announcements.

I have not looked at the snom UC600 in person but it appears to be similar to the Polycom cx300 and Plantronics Calisto P540 models. One thing I can say about reviewing those models is that this is one of the nicest USB phones I have ever seen. I will include those videos right here as reference. [note that snom UC600 may have more/less/different features, but a good guess is that they will be similar]

Part 1: basic features of this usb phone

Part 2: Enterprise Voice features

Detailed Brochure:

snom UC600 Webpage:

BREAKING: snom 821 and 300 Become Qualified for Microsoft Lync #lync #snom

snom has now passed the Microsoft Lync Server qualification process. It has also renamed its OCS/Lync compatible firmware which used to be called “OCS Edition” to “snom UC Edition” both updating and protecting against future Microsoft UC product name changes Winking smile in one fell swoop. One final large point is that the snom UC Edition has a feature that even Lync Phone Edition does not: Ability to change presence from the phone itself.
I’ll take a few minutes to go over the snom 821 and the new snom UC Edition firmware. [Note you can click on any picture to zoom]
The snom 821 is a solid phone overall. and looks business the whole way. One of the few look-and-feel items that could improve is the round, four way button: it has a no over-the-center feel so youdon’t really get feedback that you actually pushed the button.  As an alternative there are typically softkey up/down arrows right below the screen that give excellent over-the-center feel.
As noted at the beginning of this article the snom firmware for Lync and OCS has been renamed “snom UC Edition” which is more generic and avoids becoming dated if Microsoft makes another name change. (lets hope not! Winking smile This name is prominently displayed as the phone boots.
snom has also included a new feature in the snom UC Edition that is not even in Microsoft’s own Lync Phone Edition: the ability to change the phone’s presence FROM the deskphone. Its pretty nice and interesting to see snom get ahead of Microsoft on this one.
As shown above the snom UC Edition does not show the Lync user photo, either in the contact list or when there is an incoming call at this time.
The contact list is accessible by pressing one of the softkeys and shows the live presence of contacts just like in the Lync client. (In our tests we noted that sometimes this presence did not change in a timely fashion on our system. Could be us.)
If you click the “I” button in the contact list you can see the user Note and various contact numbers/URI’s and call any one of them. If you click on the presence you will see the note. Also note that the big red light in the upper right shows the Missed Call as well as on the screen.
As one would expect, pressing DND also changes the Lync status for this user. It also makes an unmistakable indication on the screen which I think is very nice. This DND indication is as a transparent overlay which is a nice visual touch.
Configuring the phone is very straightforward: just login, type your SIP-URI, domain\username and password and click Save. That’s pretty much it. There is also a Windows tray app to manage password changes. For larger implementations there is snomtastic to mass provision phones. [ snomtastic? yeah me too-I have no idea how such a professional name was arrived at. Note it is not from snom and not officially supported.]
Upgrading the firmware takes what seems like a long time (5minutes?). snom has improved the screens to give a lot more progress indication which is good. Not soo much wondering if something is happening. Winking smile But truly this is an improvement.
snom 821 allows you to assign contacts (and various other features) to buttons. The nice thing about assigning a Contact to a virtual button is that in 2 clicks you can be calling an often called buddy.
Here you can see the Voicemail button lit when there is a voicemail in Exchange UM. Nice! Also on the screen on the left bottom you can see the Contacts button. This will open the Lync contact list with live presence noted above. If you have various Lync groups defined  you can switch between them by pressing the right/left on the 4 round button. Pretty slick there as well.
If you are looking to implement snom in a Lync environment or otherwise you can contact us at

Update! Our Resident Android Fan Says “Damaka Lync Client Dramatically Improved By Latest Update” #lync #android


I was notified first thing this morning that Xync by Damaka, a Lync client for Android, received an update that makes audio portion of the Lync client very useable—even over 3G.  I received an audio call from our resident Android fan—and was surprised to hear the call was over 3G using Lync!

Maybe Damaka will also release a Windows Phone client soon?

Get it here:

Windows Phone Lync Mobile App on the Marketplace? #lync #wp7

This afternoon I was testing Lync Meetings on my Windows Phone. When I clicked on the meeting URL I got this surprising message: “To join the meeting you need Microsoft Lync Mobile. Install it now from Marketplace?”

2011-09-09 16-12-26.428

You betcha! My answer to this question was a quick “Yes!”. Winking smile 

2011-09-09 16-16-45.939

When I try to download it’s failing with a 805a0194 error. Anyone know how to get around this little error? (I’m running 7.10.7712.60) Anyone want to crowd source and help out with this? Winking smile

UPDATE: Tommy Clark, UC MVP and Lync Blogger, notes that his 7720 exhibits same results as above.

: Blogger Ari Protheroe notes that his Mango RTM does not display this behavior when you click on a Lync Meeting URL:!/ariprotheroe/status/112274829142536192

In the mean time if you want to see high quality pictures of the Microsoft Lync Mobile app your welcome to look here:

Worldwide Microsoft Lync Federation Directory: Who Is Federating in the USA and Beyond?


lync federation project

One of the big benefits of Microsoft Lync is the ability to collaborate with ease with those outside your organization. The goal of the Lync Federation Directory Project is to make Lync users and administrators more aware of just how many organizations are available for federation—today.

While other vendors are capable of UC federation, the Microsoft Lync product is the first to bring the benefits and actually deliver federation, a compelling alternative to PSTN, to the masses.

Our opinion is that in UC federation is a communication method alternative to PSTN that is compelling enough to drive replacement of PSTN. While SIP trunks gave an IP alternative to PSTN, it largely delivered the same experience. UC federation gives all the benefits of PSTN plus:

  • presence
  • easy to remember ID’s like
  • Instant Messaging
  • free calling between organizations
  • HD voice calls
  • Call voice mail of partner organizations directly
  • Video calls
  • Desktop sharing and Web conferencing
  • free communication to personal networks like LiveMessenger, Yahoo, AIM, Gmail.

What Are People Saying?

  • “Love the list and outlook tool of Lync federated companies” @MikeOnUC Mike Sheridan, EVP of Sales at Aspect
  • “…even in my contact list…I found some old contacts I didn’t know…have Lync.” --Lync MVP, Tom Arbuthnot in article on WCF Tool
  • "I actually get upset when a company doesn't use Lync and I can't federate!" @Maxsanna
  • "Loving Lync federation these days..." @ThomasVochten
  • ”Lync federation is fantastic. Wish everyone was federated, makes communications SO much easier!” @mbullock
  • ”Tried (“Who Can Federate” Tool) today, found several new biz partners I can federate with – great!” @aublumberg
  • “…the Who Can Federate tool is an Awesome tool to work out who you can eliminate call charges with” @dave_simm
  • “Love this new tool to find OCS/Lync federated contacts!” @xabulon
  • On WCF Tool: “Very nice tool, thanks!” @jgelijsteen 
  • “Who Can Federate Tool was a great help for me” @stefansustar
  • “Fantastic product…extremely useful.” @chrisbrownie

See Who You Can Lync With Using Our WCF Tool App
Using our free, Windows based WCF Tool over at Technet you can scan your own Outlook contact list and get a list of your contacts that are ready and waiting to federate! This tool is powered by the Lync Federation Directory Project’s data and end-user and admin alike can use it with ease.

Features of the Directory:
-CTRL+F to Find text
-Click on column header button to sort list

Lync Server federation by organization type.

By Country

How can you help the Lync Federation Directory Project?

  • Add your organization to this list by {clicking here} 
  • Help yourself and community by seeing who in your Outlook contact list has Lync/OCS by running WCF Tool and submitting entries not currently in Lync Federation Directory Project. Takes 1 min! {click here}
  • Promote
  • Do you have a domain list you want us to scan? {Click here} to email us.
  • Comment or Tweet how federation helps you.

How to Federate Lync to Other UC Solutions?
Below are some tips for federating to Lync/OCS if you are using a UC solution other than Microsoft

Acknowledgements & Similar Projects

  • Original source of inspiration for this Lync Directory was @jiminynzl who had an NZ list but is now a global list as well. See list here..
  • To see who's federated in Sweden, Australia Click Here

** NOTE: Link to this blog post, do not link to the skydrive file as that may change locations. Your welcome to download the file and use it how you want except for re posting/cross posting.

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