Things To Check and Do Before Implementing Lync Server

-If you are going to federate to MSN/Live are any users using a msn address that is the same as your Lync address will be? If so they must change their MSN/Live ID. Here is how.
-Do you have the certificates you need?
-Is your Active Directory Forest functional level 2003 or higher? (has to be Native mode)
-Install Exchange 2010 UM role
-Give Lync implementor AD user part of the "Organization Management" group
-If server2003 make sure server media accessible
-Company Name
-company City, State, Zip

Things to do when done:
-add user who wants to administrator CSAdministrator group.
-document DNS A records
-document SRV records

Free Video Lync Training #lync

#Lync User QuickTip #1: Did You Know You Can Copy and Paste DTMF?

Just discovered a very cool feature of Lync when you are making a phone call: The ability to copy and paste DTMF digits! Thats right, you are calling for support and they want you to dial that 12 digit support code they emailed you?! Well, with Lync client you can just copy it out of the email and paste in into the Lync client dial pad (shown above) and it will create the need DTMF codes!

I know this is just a small thing, but the many "small things" are what make life go smooth. I would say a major competitive advantage Lync has are the many, small pleasant surprises its brings.

Will Lync Mobile Do Voice and Video? Yes, But Will Depend on OS, OS Version and Maybe Not Right Away #lync #wp7 #ios #android

According to presenters at TechEd 2011 NZ a little Q&A yeilds this info:

Q-Will it do voice/video?
A-"It will dependent device and OS level on will obviously be enabled at some point in time..."

Q-Will Lync mobile be integrated into WindowsPhone hubs?
A-"the goal is to get everything into the hubs..."

Q-When will wp7 lync client be here?
A-"Calendar Q4"

Q-I think-- I heard presenter say in answer to question Will skype be integrated into hubs?
A-"I can't say that... but remember i just said we want everthing in hubs...we need to wait on aquisition to complete..."

See Video min1 sec50:

See Clear photo screenshots of Lync Mobile for Windows Phone Here:

Note: Since the video source above has been removed it could mean the exchange from NZ TechEd noted above is an inaccurate or premature communication. We need to wait and see what shows up.

Polycom To Update Lync Phone Polycom CX700? (aka Tanjay) #lync #polycom

According the same LinkedIn post that mentioned the 3PIP program Microsoft apparently plans to launch I noticed that Matteo Nemeth also mentioned that Polycom plans to upgrade the veritable Polycom CX700 / Tanjay series:

I know if I talk to Polycom they say that the Aries series is now the executive level phone but considering that the Aries does not have touch screen, doesn't have simple finger login and sports a smaller screen it still seemed like there should be a true executive/power user phone in the Lync Phone Edition line.

I also became aware that Microsoft replaced about 1,000 Tanjay series phones with "a model they have been developing" according to a source. (they may have wires crossed)

I'm curious, anyone else have any updates on what Polycom is doing with the Polycom CX700 update? If so, please comment.


My Review of the Polycom CX3000 Lync Conference Phone #lync #polycom

Overall this Lync Phone Edition conference phone is sleek looking and very nice.

Some of my notes:
  • The CX3000 does not include a power cord or even a power jack so you need to use power over ethernet.
  • Does include "Better together" usb cable in the box along with fastening screws so it stays.
  • Also includes a long, Sheilded twisted pair ethernet cable.
  • The rubber buttons feel more quality than the Polycom CX500/CX600 in my opinion.
  • Another improvement over CX500/600 in my opinion is the dedicated call/hangup button. This should be on cx500/600 as well.
  • As most conference phone do it has 3 green lights to show call is in progress and lights to show if you are muted.
  • Unit does not include, but can be expanded with 2 microphone extensions
  • Over all a very sleek, solid unit.
Note: the unit we got has the display ever so slightly crooked in the bezel. I'm just a little surprised at this.

Watch our video review below:

Test Audio Service Will Not Start? Check This Excellent Fix at Lync'd Up. #lync

We had the issue that our Lync Server "test audio service" would not start. An excellent article by Lync'd Up Blog gave the exact fix for the issue! (Hint: Did you change the Sip Domains? we did ;-)

See Article Here:

Exchange 2010 Visual Voicemail Not Showing In Lync Client? Don't Forget Autodiscover SRV Record! #lync #exchange

I noticed that visual voicemail and call history was not showing on Lync clients in my Lync lab. After kicking around and reading I realized I missed a very simple thing in my Exchange server configuration: Adding the autodiscover SRV record.

All you need to do is add the above SRV record in your DNS pointing at your Exchange Server FQDN. Here are the details of how your DSN SRV record should look like:
Service = _autodiscover
Protocol = _tcp
Host offering service = your exchange server FQDN. Our example: (note our AD server has exchange 2010 colocated on it!)

Now close and restart your Lync client. You may need to wait a half a minute or so until magically your call history and visual voicemail will show up!

To ensure that your autodiscover is set correctly you can check at the Lync client level by opening the "Lync Configuration Information" window. You open this seriously handy window by holding the CRTL key while right clicking on the Lync icon in the system tray. Then click on the new menu item "Configuration Information". You will see a window like below:

Can I Use Lync Over Mobile Data? (Virgin Mobile MIFI) #lync #virginmobile

I've been wondering how Lync will work over mobile data plan and finally got a moment to do some tests. On this blog I'll share some notes from my testing of Lync over our Virgin Mobile MIFI unit.
The quality is not perfect but usable.
People I called said it was better than cell phone quality.
I would occasionally get Lync poor signal message.
Perhaps a squawk here and there.
Bear in mind that we are in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (definitely not a metro ;-)
Presence and IM will be NO problem.

I'm curious what your experience with Lync over mobile data plan has been?

PS-I just got a Zoom MIFI that works with AT&T and will need to test it there as well.

PSS-Jasco has done some analysis of Lync over high latency satellite connections. You might want to read their report here.

Now There Are Even Blogs About Specific Phone Models: snom m9 Blog! #snom #dect #lync

A new blog called "The Whole '9' Yards!!" is focused entirely on snom m9 DECT phone stuff. I'm not sure specifically who the author is but they mention they are an employee of snom. Perhaps the snom product manager? Not sure that is correct because it says location is Wolburn. Who is the secret writer? ;-)

 But go check it out at the link below.

Click Here:

snom To Add New Phone and Focus on Microsoft Lync in 2011 #snom #lync

Tommy Lee of snom responds to TMCnet on question "What can you tell us is coming up the rest of this year?"
...some new products,some new phones [did I hear right?]...some new features... keep pushing Lync for the enterprise. Promoting snomONE IP Pbx and Lync with those two platforms
Click Here for Video:

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Addon Product #Lync

Here is the Lync

Xync (Lync Client) App for iOS Available! #lync #ios #iphone

A Gartner report just a few weeks ago noted that Microsoft Lync is ahead of the pack with the one weak spot being mobile. Xync maker, Damaka, seems to be interested in doing away with that problem.

Here is my and others review of the Android Xync Client:

Get iOS Xync Here:

snom Releases Windows Tray App To Assist With Lync/OCS Active Directory Password Changes #snom #lync

One of the challenges with Lync Server is that if the Active Directory password changes this needs to be changed in the handset/deskphone for that user as well. Desk phone hardware that uses Lync Phone Edition (like Polycom and Aastra) has several methods of addressing this issue. If you are using the "Better Together" USB tether on Lync Phone Edition it will pop up a notice on the PC to enter the credentials.

Phone makers that are using their own firmware do not have this option. Jan Boguslawski, OCS edition product manager at snom, does a good job of covering in this post some of the authentication methods that can be used with Lync.
snom has released a small Windows tray app that runs on the PC to assist with updating the snom handset registration password when Active Directory password changes. You can get it below.
See snom KB/Wiki Article and Download App Below:

Lync MVP Jeff Shertz Gives Advice on Upgrading Lync Phone Edition: Do Nothing! ;-) #lync

Jeff Shertz gives some pithy advice in his article on how to upgrade your Lync Phone Edition phones. I had to laugh and thought I would pass it on:
Now, do nothing. Seriously, just leave the phone alone. Don’t unlock it or push any buttons. Don’t even look at it. In fact, go to lunch.
Jeff, you know us IT people too well. ;-)
Also, make sure you stop by Jeff's blog. Excellent Lync blog with very good articles.

Here is source:

ps-I actually did NOT touch the phone. ;-) It is now effortlessly Lync Phone Edition v 4.0.7577.296.

Excellent Article on Integrated Exchange 2010 UM and IP Phone System By 3CX Blog #3cx #exchange

The 3CX Blog has done a very nice article that takes you step by step through Microsoft Exchange 2010 UM integration to you IP PBX. Exchange UM adds incredible voice recognition to your auto attendents and voicemail. It also makes accessing your voicemail, contacts and calendar via a mere phone an easy task.

Click Here:

What Happens When the Lync Server's Domain Controller Shuts Down? #Lync

I've already wondered what stops working when the the Lync Server Domain Controller is shut down underneath a Lync implementation. Of course no adding or changing users, but what else? In my lab I decided to just shut down the Domain Controller and check! Here are my findings.

What Still Works?
-Changing presence
-change IM subject
-peer to peer IM, Calling, video
-Send File.
-Activityfeed is updated

What Stops Working:
-conferencing service does work (whiteboarding as shown above)
-you will not be able to download the Topology (no surprise there ;-)

If you have anymore input I'd be glad to hear your comments.

3CX Phone System News Update: New Book, CRM Integration

I've been soo busy with Microsoft Lync that I'll admit I have missed some important news from the 3CX world--so here is an update!

Kerry Garrison has written the official book on 3CX and he recently has updated it to include version 10. He notes on the official 3CX blog that there are 30 more pages and it some other improvements along with new features of v10 of course. The price is $24.99 so it is certainly affordable and you can order it here. Congratulations Kerry on the new edition!

3CX has also released a new CRM integration module that integrates Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Sage Act! to the 3CX IP Phone system. This new integration has a 30day trial but it costs a one time fee of $50USD. Considering that previous 3CX clients were free it would indicate that this integration is more mature and enterprise in nature although I have not tested it. There is also an API for the CRM integration but it is noted there is no support for the API.

My First Impression Video Review of Xync for Android (Microsoft Lync client) #lync #android

Richard Pasztor, from the Lync forums, gave some additional excellent input on the Android client:
I just tested the Damaka client (it is called as "Xync", really difficult to find on Android market, use Damaka as the second word in the query, otherwise you will never find it)

My experience is mixed:
 - it really supports VoIP and Video (I suppose the official Microsoft Lync client for mobile will never have this feature, so this is a huge pro)
 - also supports Enterprise Voice in both directions!
- needs very powerful hardware, with a very recent Android OS: 2.3.3
- the pricing seems a little bit high compared to the average price of Android apps
- voice quality is acceptable for Lync-to-Lync calls, but not so good for Enterprise voice (I experienced quite bad echo, I can clearly hear all my speech back with a 1,5-second delay)
- UI needs some more work, with more configurable settings

I am really interested, how this product will evolve.

Read More:

How To Get Your First SIP Trace of Lync Server In 1 Minute Using Logging Tool and Snooper #Lync

You have installed Lync Server and now a client or device is acting up. How do you get insight into what is happening with SIP traffic on your Lync Server? The "Lync Server Logging Tool" and "Snooper" are your freinds. (I mean serious freinds ;-) To get going goto your Lync Server click on Start | Microsoft Lync Server | Lync Server Logging Tool.

To just log Lync Server SIP packets click the options shown below. Click "Start Logging", get your sample then click "Stop Logging". Now click "Analyze Log Files".

Select a log file and click "Analyze". If Snooper is not install you will see a hyperlink to install "Resource Kit Tools".

You will be taking to the Lync Resource Tools site. Download and install them.

Next Snooper will run. Click on "Messages" to see the SIP messages.

That is all there is to it!

snom ONE and Patton Smartnode 4552 ISDN Configuration Example #snom #patton

Thanks @positive from the snom ONE forums for sharing your Patton Smartnode 4552 ISDN config with us.
Patton Smartnode 4552 ISDN Configuration Example:
Click Here

Microsoft To Introduce New Lync EndPoint Interoperability Certification Called 3rd Party IP Phone #lync #polycom

Update: Tom Laciano, Program Manager with Office Communications Group, notes that 3PIP stands for "3rd Party IP Phone" (source). More details:

I've been noticing some rumblings of a possible new interoperabiilty certification called "3PIP" for Microsoft Lync. Matteo Nemeth, of Polycom, noted in a LinkIn conversation that the Polycom SoundPoint IP endpoints will be certified as "3PIP interoperability certification" with the new 4.1 firmware.

Also 3PIP documents were noted on presenter Kirk Gregersons PC while he was demonstrating the Lync Customer and Partner Experience snap in for Lync at WPC 2011. (a screenshot of video shown below)

This new certification seems to be aimed at vendors bringing their existing SIP endpoints to a Lync interoperable state.

Currently snom is the only vendor that has accomplished this by bringing their snom 300 and 821 models into the Microsoft Compatible Devices program. (checkout my videos of snom units working with Lync: snom 3xx on Lync Video  snom m9 Dect Video ) Perhaps the "3PIP" program will be a formalization of the "other compatibile IP phones" program as shown below?

Whatever this is it means more endpoint choice for Microsoft Lync 2010. In my opinion this should be a good thing.

LinkedIn Source:

WPC Presentation (minute 20 second 30)

Some Related Lync Articles:

Looks Like Xync (Lync Client) for Android Devices Other Than Evo Release Over Weekend #lync

Last week Damaka released Xync for EVO Android devices. Over the weekend it looks like Xyc for other Android devices was released. (I didn't test yet. ;-)

Looking at the android market pictures I think Damaka has improved the UI over previous versions considerably.

As soon as I get a moment I would like to review this product in person. Till then please comment with your thoughts!


AltiGen MaxMobile Server 2010 to Bring Lync to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 #wp7 #ios #lync #android

Neal Hubman from AltiGen gave me a heads up that his company is releasing a product to bring Microsoft Lync to mobile devices. From perusing the brochure he included it looks like this is a server based, scalable solution (150,000 users) that connects most major mobile devices to Lync. It also looks like it will provide voice/media to mobile devices over GSM/CDMA or WIFI via g.711 or g.729. Currently my understanding is that Microsoft's official mobile Lync client (photos) to be released later this year will not include the voice stream but other vendors, such as Damaka, (photos) are working on mobile Lync client to do voice and video wirelessly as well.

I'm not sure all what the AltiGen product will bring to Lync & WindowsPhone7/Android and the others but this product may possibly become less interesting later this year when the official WP7, Android and iOS Lync clients are released by Microsoft.

Note: I've requested but not recieved ballpark pricing on this product.

Click Below: