Microsoft To Introduce New Lync EndPoint Interoperability Certification Called 3rd Party IP Phone #lync #polycom

Update: Tom Laciano, Program Manager with Office Communications Group, notes that 3PIP stands for "3rd Party IP Phone" (source). More details:

I've been noticing some rumblings of a possible new interoperabiilty certification called "3PIP" for Microsoft Lync. Matteo Nemeth, of Polycom, noted in a LinkIn conversation that the Polycom SoundPoint IP endpoints will be certified as "3PIP interoperability certification" with the new 4.1 firmware.

Also 3PIP documents were noted on presenter Kirk Gregersons PC while he was demonstrating the Lync Customer and Partner Experience snap in for Lync at WPC 2011. (a screenshot of video shown below)

This new certification seems to be aimed at vendors bringing their existing SIP endpoints to a Lync interoperable state.

Currently snom is the only vendor that has accomplished this by bringing their snom 300 and 821 models into the Microsoft Compatible Devices program. (checkout my videos of snom units working with Lync: snom 3xx on Lync Video  snom m9 Dect Video ) Perhaps the "3PIP" program will be a formalization of the "other compatibile IP phones" program as shown below?

Whatever this is it means more endpoint choice for Microsoft Lync 2010. In my opinion this should be a good thing.

LinkedIn Source:

WPC Presentation (minute 20 second 30)

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  1. Thanks Matt,

    Open SIP phones like snom's provide an easier migration path for companies piloting and adopting MS Lync. As you know, the endpoint investment is typically the largest cap ex item of any new phone system purchase. With our multi-registration capability, we can host multiple SIP servers for migration or call center or other application.

  2. hi pjsnom,

    Yes, that is how we are selling snom. We are educating our clients that Lync is the future. If you go with snom/snomONE right now you have the future available to you with no more capex for endpoints

    Being able to register with SIP pbx and Lync is a singular advantage of snom endpoints at the moment.

    I am also glad that snom is innovating on the OCS Edition and not sitting on laurels.

    Whenever this 3pip goes into effect the "pack" will surely desend on this market. snom certainly seems to have taken lead for now.


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