AltiGen MaxMobile Server 2010 to Bring Lync to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 #wp7 #ios #lync #android

Neal Hubman from AltiGen gave me a heads up that his company is releasing a product to bring Microsoft Lync to mobile devices. From perusing the brochure he included it looks like this is a server based, scalable solution (150,000 users) that connects most major mobile devices to Lync. It also looks like it will provide voice/media to mobile devices over GSM/CDMA or WIFI via g.711 or g.729. Currently my understanding is that Microsoft's official mobile Lync client (photos) to be released later this year will not include the voice stream but other vendors, such as Damaka, (photos) are working on mobile Lync client to do voice and video wirelessly as well.

I'm not sure all what the AltiGen product will bring to Lync & WindowsPhone7/Android and the others but this product may possibly become less interesting later this year when the official WP7, Android and iOS Lync clients are released by Microsoft.

Note: I've requested but not recieved ballpark pricing on this product.

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