My Review of the Polycom CX3000 Lync Conference Phone #lync #polycom

Overall this Lync Phone Edition conference phone is sleek looking and very nice.

Some of my notes:
  • The CX3000 does not include a power cord or even a power jack so you need to use power over ethernet.
  • Does include "Better together" usb cable in the box along with fastening screws so it stays.
  • Also includes a long, Sheilded twisted pair ethernet cable.
  • The rubber buttons feel more quality than the Polycom CX500/CX600 in my opinion.
  • Another improvement over CX500/600 in my opinion is the dedicated call/hangup button. This should be on cx500/600 as well.
  • As most conference phone do it has 3 green lights to show call is in progress and lights to show if you are muted.
  • Unit does not include, but can be expanded with 2 microphone extensions
  • Over all a very sleek, solid unit.
Note: the unit we got has the display ever so slightly crooked in the bezel. I'm just a little surprised at this.

Watch our video review below:

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