Telephoto Lens Mount for Your iPhone: Pretty Neat! #iphone

Buy the The iPhone 4 SLR Mount at the Photojojo Store!

Okay, I'm not an iPhone fan, but that is just pretty nifty! Use your left over SLR lenses!
This is one benefit of having only one phone form factor! (as opposed to wp7 and Android paradigm)

Polycom Achieves Native Lync Support for Kirk 6000 Dect System #lync #polycom

It looks like Polycom joined the ranks of the native Lync supported Dect phones.
Aastra also has a certified solution using SmartSIP to cross the SIP divide.

More Details Here:

My Source: click here

ATT Store Rep Tells Me "WindowsPhone Is Very Hard to Use" #wp7

I believe AT&T and Microsoft have some serious work  to do. Today I called my local ATT Store here in Ephrata Pennsylvania. I asked if they carry Windows Phones. His answer:

Rep: "We do not carry the Windows Phone because it is not popular..."

Me: "Why?"

Rep: "They are kind of hard to use if you haven't used them before---"

Me: "Why are they hard to use?"

Rep: "They are just very hard to get used to at first---it is also some personal preference"

Ahem! Do I get the very distinct feeling this mobile phone salesman never even saw a Windows Phone in action? Hard to use?!

And remember he told this to someone who is actively and ONLY looking to buy a Windows Phone!

Microsoft: AT&T's sales reps need training very bad.
ATT: Train your sales reps.

PS- Another freind who experienced the exact same thing:


Since our local store did not stock a Windows Phone I headed in person to the Lancaster AT&T store. But first I decided to call and make sure they knew something about Windows Phone and...right on the menu it says that AT&T sells "Android, iPhone and Windows phones".

When I arrive at the the store I notice there is no display for Wp7--they are actually under a poster for Android. I asked "What can you tell me about Windows Phone?" The helpful sales lady responds "They are new and I just got back from vacation so I actually don't know much about them but Travis can help". Next I talk to Travis who is the store expert on Windows Phone 7.

Me: "What can  you tell me about Windows Phone" I asked Travis.

Travis: "Well, Android is powerful and can do flash and Windows is simple and not powerful."

Me: "Anything more?"

Travis: "Well Windows phone is simple and they have these tiles..." He went on to demonstrate how you can easily remove one. "Windows phone is simple for people that just want to get in and do stuff. Android is best because it is powerful and does flash, Windows phone is in between and iPhone is worst." Then he noted an insider tip "Sometime an update called Mango is going to come out and will improve Windows phone. I had a Focus but I got an Android to do flash."

Me: "I'll take the HTC HD7S along."

I just talked to the most knowledgeable AT&T Windows Phone expert in Lancaster. And his advice? Get an Android.

New Video on Coming Lync Client for iPhone, iPad and Android by Damaka #lync #iphone #android

Damaka Lync Client Main Screen
Incoming video or voice call
In Progress Video Call

One unusual aspect of the coming Lync client by Damaka is that it does realtime media on mobile device.

Here is the video:

Mobile Video & MS Lync from Damaka Inc on Vimeo.


Microsoft Lync Server Pros and Cons #lync #cisco #avaya

I was just reading this article by Shane O'Neill on the pro's and con's of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and thought they were interesting. He mentions these pros and cons:

Smooth Merger of Technologies
Better bandwidth management
Price Benefit: (Lync CALs $241 to Avaya's $250 and Cisco's $500 mentioned)

Uses a lot of bandwidth because it makes doing video and screen sharing so easy
Underlying IT needs to be running correct
Will users be more productive by being more interrupted?

Read the complete article:
Click Here

snom Touts "Solutions": Business Telephone Solutions #snom #lync #polycom #aastra

It looks like snom is focusing on the new theme of "Solutions". Their solutions include something for every size business from the Soho to the Enterprise. In the soho space they are counting on their snom ONE PBX and for Enterprise they are pointing to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Estos.

My opinion? They have a solid lineup at the core with snom ONE phone system and Lync Server 2010. But what has snom's focus is the endpoint and their answer there is the 8xx and 3xx series. The 3xx series handsets are aging design-wise but the firmware has continued to be updated is actually quite advanced as they work with Lync 2010 and can show presence! In the DECT space snom has one bet: the snom m9. The m9 has Lync compatiblity* and IPv6 baked in which is an industry first. (Aastra and Polycom DECT still seem to be depending on servers to convert from SIP to Lync for certification)

Checkout their new web page dedicated to this communication:

Download New Brochure:

* The handset works with Lync but is currently not certified.

Web Chat Widget Solutions for Microsoft Lync

Its not uncommon to get requests from clients and others about whether there is a web chat solution for Microsoft Lync to embed functionality in a website for public customer to contact Lync users/groups. Below are some we have noted, not all tested, not necessarily recommended and in no particular order:

Enabling Technologies ETC Web Chat: click here
Notes: Price $4995 USD

Evangelize SmartChat

Notes: Silverlight requirements, cost $1800 per agents seems a bit high if low functionality needed
Pros: Very slick and nice features

e-Office OCS/Lync2010 web chat. Notes: Hosted (not sure vendor is selling product anymore?)

Now developer Thomas Stock from Orbitone has a produced a free Lync presence and chat widget that will allow your customers to chat to you from your website.

Blog and Download:
Try it out right now:

Clarity Connect Web Chat Gateway
Notes: Requires Contact Center backend/hosted.

Not exactly Web Chat Widget, but getting somewhat close is Lync MVP Tommy Clarke’s “Lync Support Session Web Page” Code:

If you think Microsoft should include this functionality on Lync Server, vote below:

New Gartner SWOT Says Microsoft Lync Weakness is Mobile: Microsoft Says "Coming Soon" #wp7 #lync #android

According to twitter user Andre Blumberg, Gartner has a released a SWOT that identifies mobile as Microsoft Lync's weakness. To those of us using Lync this is no surprise. According to sessions at WPC 2011 we can count on Microsoft to resolve this before the end of the year.You can see screenshots of the coming WindowsPhone7 Lync client here.

It looks likes some ISV's plan to assist in resolving this as well in the form of Lync client that includes Voice for iPad, iPhone and Android in the form Xync. Click Here for more.


UPDATE: This same report puts Microsoft Lync as the only "Strong Positive" in IM and Presence space!

snom ONE PBX for Windows Installation Made Even Easier in New v4.2 Release #snom

The technical installation of the snom ONE PBX has to be the quickest and easiest installation in the industry. The snom ONE installation file is a mere 16mb. Seriously. It installs in just a minute with several clicks. It even includeds an autoattendent and 10 extensions setup for you right out of the install. See it

One small gotcha in past installations in the past could be that the snom ONE PBX would not start if port 80 was in use on the system you installed snom ONE. In b4025 it appears that snom ONE will run but the web console will just be disabled until you fix the port issue. I think that makes a simple install even simpler.

See all the new features/fixes in

Thanks for Recommending the 3CX IP PBX Tutorial Book Orlin Shopov #3CX

A new user was struggling with the 3CX Windows PBX and 3CX forum user Orlin Shopov gave this excellent recommendation:
Read the admin manual or try searching the internet for the book  'The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial' - it can be very useful...
Okay, so I admit I am the co-author of the 3CX IP PBX Tutorial along with Robert Lloyd. And, yes, I guess I'm a little biased here. ;-) But may I recommend if you need 3CX you  check with ?

Also if you are looking for consulting or technical support related to 3CX, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 or the Windows based snom ONE PBX let my company know!

Get the book at Amazon:


Just Read "Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed": My Opinion? Go Get It #Lync @alexlewis

You can surf a hundred blogs and forums...or you can get "Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed" to get the big picture of what Lync is and how you go about implementing it. This books killed a LOT of trees weighing in at 798 pages but Lync Server is a big subject. And, considering how much fossil fuel will be saved by the implementing Lync I think total net impact to the environment should be a gain. ;-)

A couple things that I think are particularly helpful: The step by step walk through of installing the different Lync roles gives you the overview of how to do it before you start. Also the call out "Tips" and the "Best Practices" section at the end of each chapter in my opinon are very nice. Frankly, if your installing Lync and don't have the time to read all 798 pages, just jump to the "Best Practices" before you install a role and get your "1 minute presidential briefing".

If you are looking for specific steps on how to install a PSTN Gateway or just want to fumble through installing one role you may do better looking to blogs and forums, but if you are really trying to understand Lync and want an encompassing picture of Lync go out and get "Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed" --It's worth it.

Get it here:

More Details & Screenshots of Lync for Windows Phone 7 from WPC 2011 #lync #wp7 @wpcentral

my status

splash screen


change your status

contact list

collapse or expand contact list

ongoing conversations

-This is Alpha version
-Free download with Mango
-Set forwarding status from WindowsPhone
-Photos from Exchange address book can be set to on or off.
-Lync will be integrated to other experiences on the phone (does this mean it will be integrated into messaging? would be nice)
-Available later this year.

It can't come soon enough!

See the video for yourself:
from minute 20:44 to 22:23

PS-I see tommy clarke has blog about Xync (lync client) coming later this month! Head over there:

snom OCS Administrator Guide

Just came across this OCS/Lync manual for snom OCS Edition. Hmmm.

See Here:

Using the Patton Smartnode 4960 With snom ONE and Comcast PRI (USA)

We just implemented a Patton Smartnode 4960 on an exsisting snomONE PBX implementation. The installation went quite smoothly (with just a little help from Patton's execellent support). We thought we would share the SN4960 configuration so anyone else doing it could move ahead even faster.

Download it here:

Here is how the trunk is setup in snom ONE pbx:

You may also want to see Patton Config Tool:

Most Recommended PSTN Gateway Report:

French snom and snom ONE Resources? Look No Further than snom Blog Maroc! #snom

Has written a sample app to demonstrate snom ONE API, SQL tool for snom ONE and I've now been notified that there is also blog goodness...check it out.

Or automajically translated to english for all the rest of us:

Hands On Look at the Polycom CX600 Lync Deskphone

Just spent a little time with the Polycom CX600 deskphone.

-Sits very solidly on your desk (very grippy feet--very nice)
-"Better Together" USB tether is very nifty
-Adjustable tilt has an interesting mechanism to

-You may need to wait a while till the unit logs into your Lync Server
-Without the "Better Together" tether--not simple to provision just one of these

Lync Phone Edition VS snom OCS Edition?

Lync Phone Edition Pros:
-Better Together USB Tether
-Better large scale builtin provisioning
-RTaudio codec a big plus
-The firmware/screen responds very snappy-nice
-Very easy to use and logical User Interface (looks very cool to boot)
-3 angles of tilt

snom 821 Pros:
-Connect to standard SIP or Lync
-Connect to SIP and Lync at the same time
-Key pad on snom 821 bigger and more solid feel (perhaps my opinion?)
-Web based administration makes for simpler provisioning (if you don't have "Better Together" usb)
-ability to change presence from the deskphone
-Dedicated "Call" and "Hangup" buttons (compared to cx600's soft keys)
-WIFI option


Lync Client Device That Does Loud Speaker, Public Ringer, Door Phone and DTMF Automation!

snom has released a very interesting Lync interoperable device that quite a few interesting features:
  • PA/Loudspeaker/Intercom
  • Public Ringer/Ringer over PA
  • Door Phone/Door Controller
  • Automation/Remote Control
This device would be interesting enough as the first Lync PA device, but when you add all the various things it can do together, plus that it can be a SIP or Lync device, PLUS a MSRP of $169... this device is just interesting.

Read more here: