Skype for Business User Tip #48: Quick Jump to Contact or Group


Here is a method to quickly jump to a Contact or Group in a Skype for Business Contact list that I didn’t know existed.

First, lets be clear that this is not Skype for Business Search. This features allows you to quickly jump from one Skype for Business Group or Contact to another when a Skype for Business contact list item (Contact or Group) is selected. This is how is works:

  • Click on [1] Contacts | [2] Groups
  • Select a [3] Group or Contact
  • [4] Now Just type first letter of a Contact or Group to jump to it
    • Just type the first letter of the first name to cycle through matching Contacts & Groups
    • Another way (a bit more hit or miss) is to just start typing the first several characters of the Group or Contact you want to jump to
  • When a contact is selected you can press Enter Enter to send an IM to the contact


  • Only Contacts in Open Contact Groups will be jumped to
  • Works in Groups, Status, etc

More Skype for Business Contact List Navigation Keys (When Contact or Group Selected)

  • Home - Top of Skype for Business contact list
  • Arrow keys – Up & Down an item
  • Enter (on a Contact) – Show Contact IM, Call, Video, Contact Card, Other Options
    • Escape – Allow Arrow key navigation again
  • Enter + Enter (on a Contact) - Will send an instant message to the currently selected contact
  • Enter (on a Group) – Open / Close Group Toggle

As always, welcome your feedback.

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Microsoft Teams User Tip #15: Understanding Notifications: What is Banner, Only Show in Feed & Email?


How do you want to be notified of new stuff in Microsoft Teams? I’ll admit, I use Teams regularly and still am a little confused what notification means what and when it happens. So when you go into “Notification Settings” what means what?

First we need to put some names with some visual indicators:



Highlighted Channel




Notification Across Top of App (not sure official name, but its NOT “Banner”)


What do the Different Notification Settings Do?

Now that we know what various notifications look like, lets go over how the settings seem to affect things.

Only Show in Feed

It puts a Badge on Activity and lists it under Activity.


Banner (aka Toast)

The banner look the below picture and when using the Teams web app it will be in the lower right of the browser.


If you are running the Teams app, you will receive the banner in the notification area of your PC.


It will indicate if it is a new message, reply, etc.


I turned on Email notification, but frankly, I never could get one to come.

Other Notifications

There are some notifications you can control and some that just happen. What are the ones that just happen?

Highlighted Channel

Something new is in this channel.

Teams Badged

Some mention is in a Team.

Chat Badged

Anytime you get a chat that you don’t click on (acknowledge) the toast (Banner)


Notification Expectations

(via Rebecca Valdivia)

  1. If someone send you a direct 1:1 chat (not a channel conversation) you will receive a toast notification, and if you miss the toast the Teams icon will simply flash.  In addition, in the app, you will also receive a chat notification.
  2. If someone posts a new conversation in a channel, you will only see the channel bolded in the app.
  3. If someone replies to a message that you post in a channel (using the reply and not creating a new thread), you will receive a toast notification AND badge increase on the Teams icon (and it will flash).  In addition, you will receive an alert in the app and the channel will be bolded.
  4. If someone “@’s” you or “@’s” the team, you will receive a toast notification AND a badge increase on the Teams icon (and it will flash).  In addition, you will receive several notification in the app.    
  5. If someone “@’s” the channel, (so long as you have made that channel a favorite)  you will receive a toast notification AND a badge increase on the Teams icon (and it will flash).  In addition, you will receive several notification in the app.


If you have any more input, love to hear it!

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