snom ONE IP Phone System Get Fixes and Cool New Features:

snom ONE, Release 2011- is now available. It includes a bunch of fixes but some very cool new features as well. How about pressing "Intercom" button and then the extension button to intercom instead of needing dedicated intercom buttons for each extension? Nice. Also some improvements to CSTA implementation is welcome. But there's more, checkout the link below. (i'm busy with Microsoft Lync Server today ;-)

Here is the Link:

SIP DECT Phone for $100-$200 Range? Here is a List

I've been compiling a low end SIP Dect phone list.

Gigaset C610A IP
Panasonic KX-TG500 (550)
Yealink SIP-W52T (Not in USA yet?)
snom m3/m9
Aastra MBU400

Have more I should add?

#Cisco Is SERIOUS About Getting Small Business Phone System Market Share With UC320 #snom

Cisco UC320 is what Microsoft Response Point product tried to be...and Cisco seems to be "spot on" with the price point and feature set in the UC320 for the small and not growing (yes, you got that right--NOT growing) doctor, cpa or law office. There are a couple of missing features that appear to be on the roadmap for later this year.

One of the reasons I've heard small cisco partners switching from to soft PBX's like 3CX, Asterisk, etc is because Cisco had no small business offering that was affordable. This will definitely change that.

Whats cool:
-The Cisco name adds name recognition and "gravitas" to this little PBX that small doctor, CPA and law offices will not miss.
-Cisco, PBX server, 4 port FXO, 1 port FXS, WIFI, 4 port switch and one box...for $995?! (Am I dreaming?)
-I don't know about the firmware in this unit but the build quality It is metal and looks better in fact than on the marketing brochures...which says a lot.

Missing Features:
-remote worker / remote phones / teleworker
-mobile phone SIP client
-PC softphone
-Door phone

(Above) UC320 product roadmap laid out: Its agressive: v2.1 in July 2011 and v2.2 in Nov 2011.

The picture above clearly shows that the Cisco UC320 is metal. The 2 usb's are for holding Music on Hold or backing up your configuration.

The product manager who was presenting at the D&H East show said a bunch of these features are in the works for v2.2 of UC320:
-remote worker / remote phones / teleworker
-mobile phone SIP client
-PC softphone

It sounds like the teleworker feature will be implemented via the VPN built in the $400(-/+) Cisco 525 unit. (likely to avoid all the SIP NAT traversal issue--it sure pays to be the handset maker and PBX vendor) He also noted that the mobile clients for Android and iPhone are already being tested in Cisco labs. (some other vendors take note!)

The big questions:
-Will this Linksys/Spa genesis turned Cisco product be rock solid and stable?
-Will it deliver?

Yealink Wants Part of DECT SIP Pie: Yealink SIP-W52

For a phone maker that originally came to my attention as making a kinda Cisco look alike phone, Yealink seems to be making strides. I'm hearing from the USA channel feedback about pretty nice handsets and pretty nice margins which is not a bad combination?  Chinese SIP handset maker now appears to be taking a stab at a market some other vendors are fumbling with: SIP DECT. From the pictures I'm seeing the unit does not look shabby. (pictures don't say everything of course.)

Some Distinctives:
-A PSTN port to use with regular phone lines and SIP!
-POE option
-They appear to be shooting at PBX and home market with the PSTN port.

Yealink SIP-W52
See brochure here: click here

#Patton Really Wants To Get Their Gateway Into Your Microsoft UC Implementation #lync

Patton wants to provide gateways into OCS/Lync implementations. And with their stellar support which continues to amaze me on the PBX side of things I think they have a good shot. Here they have provided a to how to configure your Patton 46xx series for use with OCS:

Quick Peak At snom ONE Plus Phone System Appliance

I had a few minutes to look at the appliance a few weeks ago and will report my very quick observations.

snom is promoting two distinct ways of buying snom ONE: integrate your own server/gateway/snomONE software or buy integrated snom ONE Plus appliance.

snom is positioning snom ONE plus as a closed and then the added benefit that it is fully supported IP PBX + PSTN. The operating system, telephone system is designed to be easy to use and ready-to-go out-of-the-box. The phone system is configured through a web interface as well as the telephone system. This snom ONE Plus way comes with a ready-to-go system, easy to configure and comes in a range of PSTN port connectivity using Sangoma. But don't expect it to be optimal to install lots of other Linux apps--not what its designed for.

If you want to fully control and install a snom ONE phone system, its recommended you buy a standard server, install your preferred OS (Microsoft Windows, of course-- ;-) along with the snom ONE yellow or blue. Of course the snom ONE works on windows, linux or MAC OS. In this senario for PSTN connectivity, you use any gateway company like patton or audio codes.

On to the photos...Here it is:

snom's new snom ONE Plus Appliance.

Not your standard rack mount server and having the back of the motherboard facing forward might take one for a loop but it actually looks better in person than on photos.

Close up of the LED's on the front. Yeah, they are not HP Proliant level of finese.

The unit has pretty solid looking rack mount and grips.

It appears the unit has included wall mounts (remove and flip) which is a nice touch.

Its okay if the salesman says the server is a "speed demon" but a sticker on the appliance saying the same looks a little cheesy.

The unit has an external power supply which could be considered a bit "consumer" grade.

One last thing that I found surprising was that the partner/user needs to install the Sangoma gateway card themselves. They are included in the box but not installed. This was explained as a way to get it to market faster to avoid some regulations.

Overall I think this box will make it easier for newcomers to snom ONE to get into the race. For our practice Windows Server OS and Proliant servers will be what we stick with for now. And with a blog called "windowspbx" is there any surprise? ;-)

Lync Mobile Client Arrives for iPhone, iPad and Android--With Video and Voice! #lync #iphone #android

If you are looking for the Official Microsoft Lync Mobile Client for iPhone and iPad it has been released Early 12/20/2012 (EST) For download links and my first Impression review:

Clarification: This article is not about the official Microsoft Lync Mobile client. Xync is a 3rd party client that is currently not a microsoft certified client. For more details on the the official Microsoft Lync Mobile client expected end of year 2011 see this URL:

Well it looks like Damaka will produce the client for Lync that Microsoft has not! And as a bonus it looks like audio and video will make it to the mobile as well. Damaka also notes that no extra server is required--this client registers directly to the Lync Server. (Like snom OCS edition apparently)

The UI on this new client is...strange. ;-) But a client, and one with audio and video no less, is long overdue.

See video demo and more here:

PS- note that the vendor plans a WindowsPhone 7 "Mango" version of this software as well!

UPDATE: Android version has been released!

UPDATE: See my interview with maker of Xync on 9/19/2011 Here:

snom ONE CSTA Based Client To Get a Bunch of New Features Soon: Preview Them #lync #snom

We are hard at work building this CSTA based client!
For Lync / Office 365 fans: This client changes your PBX handset DND based on Lync! Integrate Lync/Office365! A lot more features...checkout the video. These features are in testing phase and could be released as soon as a week.

Keep on eye on the new version here:

snom ONE IP Phone System Gets Windows Client (Community edition)

Landis Computer just released a client for the snom ONE IP phone system for Windows PC's. This is a rich client that streamlines access to robust features of snomONE and allow copy and paste dialing. It's currently BETA so check it out and give us feedback.

Get it Here:

Screen Shots of snomONE Windows Client By 3rd Party Developer #snom @snom

Dial your phone from PC. Also copy and paste dialing.

Set DND status.

Easily access features by simple menu instead of hard to remember star codes.

snom has committed to developing a Windows-based PC client for snom ONE. This is slated end of year 2011. In the interim Landis Computer (fair disclosure: company owned by me.) is developing a basic Windows client for snomONE. Starting out this client will have very basic features: 

  • Dialing (allowing copy and paste dialing)
  • Easy menu access to features like ListenIn, Intercom etc.
  • Set DND status
  • Note that contacts are manually entered and can be anything you want.
This is first round features. Yes, they are basic. But we wanted to deliver a client available VERY SOON that delivers immediate benefits. We will announce roadmap of features soon.

More notes:
  • This client connects at the PBX level and controls the extension/deskphone it is registered as
Expect this client available in 1 week in BETA form. If you like this effort—please comment.
Have a great weekend.