Yealink Wants Part of DECT SIP Pie: Yealink SIP-W52

For a phone maker that originally came to my attention as making a kinda Cisco look alike phone, Yealink seems to be making strides. I'm hearing from the USA channel feedback about pretty nice handsets and pretty nice margins which is not a bad combination?  Chinese SIP handset maker now appears to be taking a stab at a market some other vendors are fumbling with: SIP DECT. From the pictures I'm seeing the unit does not look shabby. (pictures don't say everything of course.)

Some Distinctives:
-A PSTN port to use with regular phone lines and SIP!
-POE option
-They appear to be shooting at PBX and home market with the PSTN port.

Yealink SIP-W52
See brochure here: click here

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