#Cisco Is SERIOUS About Getting Small Business Phone System Market Share With UC320 #snom

Cisco UC320 is what Microsoft Response Point product tried to be...and Cisco seems to be "spot on" with the price point and feature set in the UC320 for the small and not growing (yes, you got that right--NOT growing) doctor, cpa or law office. There are a couple of missing features that appear to be on the roadmap for later this year.

One of the reasons I've heard small cisco partners switching from to soft PBX's like 3CX, Asterisk, etc is because Cisco had no small business offering that was affordable. This will definitely change that.

Whats cool:
-The Cisco name adds name recognition and "gravitas" to this little PBX that small doctor, CPA and law offices will not miss.
-Cisco, PBX server, 4 port FXO, 1 port FXS, WIFI, 4 port switch and one box...for $995?! (Am I dreaming?)
-I don't know about the firmware in this unit but the build quality It is metal and looks better in fact than on the marketing brochures...which says a lot.

Missing Features:
-remote worker / remote phones / teleworker
-mobile phone SIP client
-PC softphone
-Door phone

(Above) UC320 product roadmap laid out: Its agressive: v2.1 in July 2011 and v2.2 in Nov 2011.

The picture above clearly shows that the Cisco UC320 is metal. The 2 usb's are for holding Music on Hold or backing up your configuration.

The product manager who was presenting at the D&H East show said a bunch of these features are in the works for v2.2 of UC320:
-remote worker / remote phones / teleworker
-mobile phone SIP client
-PC softphone

It sounds like the teleworker feature will be implemented via the VPN built in the $400(-/+) Cisco 525 unit. (likely to avoid all the SIP NAT traversal issue--it sure pays to be the handset maker and PBX vendor) He also noted that the mobile clients for Android and iPhone are already being tested in Cisco labs. (some other vendors take note!)

The big questions:
-Will this Linksys/Spa genesis turned Cisco product be rock solid and stable?
-Will it deliver?


  1. Well, again one of these boxes. Phone features will be interesting.

    As a competitor product I recommend to have a look at this:

    - VDSL modem (up to 100/10 MBit)
    - Router with VPN access
    - cellphone client
    - fax server
    - phone system
    - DECT base station for up to 6 DECT phones
    - 2x BRI, 2x FXS, 1xFXO
    - dualband WIFI (2,4 and 5 GHz)
    - Failover with 3G usb stick
    - 2x USB (for printserver/fileserver)
    - answering machines
    - Fax-to-mail
    - media server
    - 4 GBIT ports
    - 6-8 watts power consumption

    for less than 200 euro!
    Unfortunatly only available in Europe . . .



  2. built in 2x BRI, 2fxs, 1fxo plus all the rest for 200Euro? sounds a little incredible. How many extensions does it support?

    Also marketing the name may not go over too great in USA? See the meaning/conatation of "fritz" in usa:

    thanks for heads up,


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