Lync Mobile Client Arrives for iPhone, iPad and Android--With Video and Voice! #lync #iphone #android

If you are looking for the Official Microsoft Lync Mobile Client for iPhone and iPad it has been released Early 12/20/2012 (EST) For download links and my first Impression review:

Clarification: This article is not about the official Microsoft Lync Mobile client. Xync is a 3rd party client that is currently not a microsoft certified client. For more details on the the official Microsoft Lync Mobile client expected end of year 2011 see this URL:

Well it looks like Damaka will produce the client for Lync that Microsoft has not! And as a bonus it looks like audio and video will make it to the mobile as well. Damaka also notes that no extra server is required--this client registers directly to the Lync Server. (Like snom OCS edition apparently)

The UI on this new client is...strange. ;-) But a client, and one with audio and video no less, is long overdue.

See video demo and more here:

PS- note that the vendor plans a WindowsPhone 7 "Mango" version of this software as well!

UPDATE: Android version has been released!

UPDATE: See my interview with maker of Xync on 9/19/2011 Here:


  1. what is interesting is that snom has the intellectual property to do this as well. (long before this) I think they are missing an oppertunity to get their name out.

  2. $20-30.00 for the iOS Client, depending on what you want ... posted to App Store Oct 16th.

  3. The only thing I disagree is that the functions are divided into three clients, Xync [$ 19.99] XyncConf [U $ 24.99] and XyncCollab [U $ 29.99] for iPhone.

    Features of each:

    Xync U$19.99
    Presence, IM, Audio, Video, PSTN, Contact search.

    XyncConf U$24.99
    Presence, IM, Audio, Video, PSTN, Contact search, Audio Conference, IM Conference.

    XyncCollab U$29.99
    Presence, IM, Audio, Video, PSTN, Contact search, Audio Conference, IM Conference, Program sharing,Desktop Sharing, file Transfer.

  4. @Ismail: the challenge is that at the moment there is no alternative so frankly they could "name their price" ;-)

  5. I feel deceived, because on their web site they only reported Xync Client and not of the other versions that they sought to launch, taking into account that I had expected months for the release of the product, when it came out so I bought by U$ 19.99, then two months later they released others, now if I want to the functions of collaboration or conferences I have to pay or$ 29.99 or U$ 24.00 more, to all those who buy the product when it was released we will be in U$ 45 or U$ 50 these functions.

  6. The fact that there not another product on the market does not justify it mocks to the client, in my case, what if I want the features of collaboration, simple I'll have to buy the XyncCollab that costs u$ 29.99 and throw trash the Xync version which cost me $19.99, when the more suitable in this case is that there is an option to update where I charge only or$ 10 to enable these features on my current client.

  7. This is a challenge with mobile marketplaces: having multiple version of app with different features. on marketplaces there is no good way to do cumulative feature version of apps.

    i dont think it was damaka intention to mislead/mock.

    talk to damaka they may be able to help, i dont know.

  8. Thanks Matt, I will keep you...


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