Using Apache as a Reverse Proxy for Lync Server Step by Step by Drago Totev

apache_logo1-150x148Microsoft TMG is going away, so what are you going to use as a Reverse Proxy for your Lync Server? Drago Totev show you how to use Apache as a Reverse Proxy for Lync in his usual clear, step by step manner!

First Impression Review: snom 710 IP Deskphone



The snom 710 is an entry level phone from snom. (which will presumably eventually supercede the snom 300). My first impression is that this device does not feel like an entry level device by size, button layout, button feel/feedback, speakerphone quality and fit and finish. The only place “entry level” shines through is in LCD resolution and 10/100 switch. I think the 710 will be very welcome to the snom lineup.

Here are some quick observations:

  • Hard but grippy buttons
  • dedicated voicemail, dial and hang up buttons
  • 5 freely definable buttons (green / red lights)
  • Transfer soft button
  • no rubber handset cradle like 720/760
  • very compact
  • sits very solidly on a surface
  • buttons size and placement is exactly same as executive versions
  • no USB expansion like 720/760
  • has a UC Edition logo on the box and snom has noted this will be the first 7xx series to be Lync Qualified
  • screen is identical to snom 720
  • very professional looking device
  • HD handset
  • Wall mountable with no extra bracket


  • Screen resolution is less than I would have expected. (128x48/backlit/black/white)
  • 10/100 switch
  • I’ve heard some feedback that the angle is not steep enough


Below: Closeup of the LCD (128x48/backlit/black/white)


Below: Very close-up of LCD.


Below: 10/100 Ethernet switch and power jack. The 710 is POE enabled.


Below: High angle


Below: Low angle


Below: Wall Mount. Just remove the two base catches and you can mount this on a wall with no additional mounts.


Below: Keypad are hard plastic buttons that have a grippy texture. That are big and feel solid.The 5 defineable buttons on the right also have 1 color LEDs (green) in each button. (This is UNLIKE the snom 720/760 that have bi-color leds) With future UC Edition firmware (not here yet, but noted on the box), these buttons can indicate a Lync Contact’s presence. The Speaker/Headset have green LED to indicate toggle and MUTE red led.


Below: There is no dedicated Transfer button, but there is a context soft button for blind transfer. (You can also use one of the definable buttons for Transfer if this is important)


Below: Speakerphone is below the receiver and seems to work well.



Once again, the snom 710 is a solid unit with a design and pricepoint that I think will be very welcome.

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Fellow Lync MVP Tommy Clarke and other Lync Guru’s, Mike Stacey and Derek Derr will be presenting what I’m sure will be good day of Lync sessions.

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“I’m a Mac” Comes Back To Haunt Apple? #iphone #windowsphone #mac #imapc #imamac


If the below characteristics were described to you about a new mobile phone in 2012, who would you expect it described?

  • Multiple colors to fit personal taste with no “ugly” phone protector
  • Design oriented curved glass
  • Fresh New UI
  • “shake resistant” camera
  • The highest resolution screen of major high-end smartphone models
  • front and rear cameras whose MP tops other major high-end smart phone models
  • Wireless charging built in

The above characteristics are of course describing the coming WindowsPhone8, the Nokia Lumia 920.


In the latest mobile salvo it surely appears Apple and Microsoft have switched roles. What do you think?

Detailed specs from WPCentral:

Audiocodes Working to Lync Qualify IP Desk Phones 300HD and 400HD Series



While Audiocodes is well known for its Gateways, it is relatively unknown for IP phones. Audiocodes states they are working on Lync Qualification for their 300HD and 400HD series phones. 

  • Audiocodes states a Q4 2012 Qualification date
  • Audiocodes states they will provide free firmware

Audiocodes IP DeskPHone Page:


New Microsoft #Lync Book: Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Step By Step for Anyone



NOTE: We are excited to note this book is in the progress of being translated into a second language. Keep an eye on this post for updates.

Just posted up my new, free book on Microsoft Lync: Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Step by Step for Anyone.

It about 100 pages of detailed, step by step installation instructions for installing Lync Server 2013. It also discusses and calls out new features in Lync Server 2013. It’s called Step by Step for Everyone, because nearly any IT professional can take the book and get started.

Some comments about the book:

“This eBook demystifies the installation and configuration process for Lync Server 2013 for standard and enterprise features, and includes topics on Installation, Monitoring, Persistent Chat, Resiliency, Enterprise Voice and Lync 2013/Onenote 2013 client integration…” –Keith Mayer, Technical Evangelist Microsoft

“Take a look at it this book...It takes you from start to finish through Lync Server 2013 Preview installation and helps you avoid common hurdles. Definitely take a look at this book…” -Pat Richard, MVP, UC Architects Podcast Host

“MVP Matt Landis has done a marvelous job in setting a high-bar for ebooks on Lync. I read all 100+ pages of his ebook under construction. It is a great job for the person that wants to jump into Lync…And, stay-tuned...this book will continue to get updated…” –Thomas B. Cross, TelecomReseller/UCNetworks 

The eBook is free for a limited time.

Go Get It:

(The ebook works very nice with Adobe Reader’s latest release for WindowsPhone. The new “Search” functionality in Reader is welcome.)

Does The New Microsoft Logo Come From The Lowly Microsoft Outlook Categorized Icon?

Today as I was using Outlook I noticed a striking similarity between the Outlook “Categorize” icon and the new Microsoft Logo. Did some designer make a million dollars by rearranging the colors?

Did the marketing gurus at Microsoft say “How are we going to categorize our divisions at Microsoft in our new logo?” The Office division’s answer of course “Let’s use Microsoft Outlook” to organize our divisions. As the designer guys were doing this they said “Aha! we even have our logo element…and voila..the New Microsoft Logo?


My WebRTC Research Web Links


Video that summarizes WebRTC

WebRTC for All Browsers: HTML5 SIP Client:

snom 360 Not Supported on Latest Lync UC Edition Firmware


The snom 360 is no longer a supported snom model on the “Apollo” UC Edition firmware ( because of hardware limitations. In all fairness the snom 360 was never Lync Qualified and with a quite low screen resolution it makes sense to promote the snom 370 for UC instead.

Please note that UC Edition FW is available for the snom 360 but is not Lync Qualified.

And, In all fairness, Polycom is taking a similar tack with the Polycom Soundpoint IP 670 (Unqualified device). It is supported by Polycom in UCS 4.0.2 but will not be in future releases.


First Impression Review of the NET UX1000 PRI Gateway


Been working with some NET UX1000 Gateways and wanted to give some feedback on the units. We’ve had longer history using Audiocodes and Patton gateways in the SIP world so my viewpoint will be somewhat comparing those units.


  • Very Microsoft Lync friendly, including a step by step wizard to configure your gateway and PRI for Lync 2010 or OCS 2007
  • From the instant you login you will notice UX1000 has in intuitive and modern GUI.
  • Somewhat UI related, but NET has discarded the Save then Burn mentality. (audiocodes/patton)
  • Active Directory Call Forking for gradual migration from PBX to UC
  • Feed live music (as opposed to MOH file) to your PSTN callers when on hold (requires FXS port on the UX1000)


  • Music on hold file limited to 1MB
  • The device is not field upgradeable (not FXS/FXO/PRI ports) by end user. Requires Certified NET partner or send to NET
  • PSTN ports on back of unit, Ethernet ports on front of unit

Video Review


Below: Front View: 2 USB ports, Power and other indicator LEDs, 2 1GB/100/10 Ethernet Ports. The PRI and other ports are on the back of the unit. ( which might not be so handy in a rackmount scenario?) Reset button is to the left and off the side of this picture.


Below: standard 19”, 1U, half depth rackmount unit. Nice fit and finish.


Below: 19” rack mount ears show below. They are not attached when when shipped.


Below: On the right side of the unit are 4 fans that cool the unit. The fans are not silent, so this unit is definitely designed to be in a data center/room.


Below: UX1000 configured with single PRI port.


Below: Back of unit, PRI port on right and power on left. Only single power supply and no power cord “keeper”.


Below: User interface screen