First Impression Review of the NET UX1000 PRI Gateway


Been working with some NET UX1000 Gateways and wanted to give some feedback on the units. We’ve had longer history using Audiocodes and Patton gateways in the SIP world so my viewpoint will be somewhat comparing those units.


  • Very Microsoft Lync friendly, including a step by step wizard to configure your gateway and PRI for Lync 2010 or OCS 2007
  • From the instant you login you will notice UX1000 has in intuitive and modern GUI.
  • Somewhat UI related, but NET has discarded the Save then Burn mentality. (audiocodes/patton)
  • Active Directory Call Forking for gradual migration from PBX to UC
  • Feed live music (as opposed to MOH file) to your PSTN callers when on hold (requires FXS port on the UX1000)


  • Music on hold file limited to 1MB
  • The device is not field upgradeable (not FXS/FXO/PRI ports) by end user. Requires Certified NET partner or send to NET
  • PSTN ports on back of unit, Ethernet ports on front of unit

Video Review


Below: Front View: 2 USB ports, Power and other indicator LEDs, 2 1GB/100/10 Ethernet Ports. The PRI and other ports are on the back of the unit. ( which might not be so handy in a rackmount scenario?) Reset button is to the left and off the side of this picture.


Below: standard 19”, 1U, half depth rackmount unit. Nice fit and finish.


Below: 19” rack mount ears show below. They are not attached when when shipped.


Below: On the right side of the unit are 4 fans that cool the unit. The fans are not silent, so this unit is definitely designed to be in a data center/room.


Below: UX1000 configured with single PRI port.


Below: Back of unit, PRI port on right and power on left. Only single power supply and no power cord “keeper”.


Below: User interface screen


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