I Want Your Input: What HotKey Should Our Free Lync Select Dial Tool Use?



Our free, Lync Select Dial tool allows you to select text in any Windows app and dial it using Microsoft Lync! We have gotten some feedback that some users want a new hotkey---so give us your feedback what you want it to be over there --->

As you vote and give input, remember:

  • We want it to work with Windows 8
  • Not to conflict with other highly used GLOBAL hotkeys (F5 comes to mind)
  • If you suggest a changeable hotkey that means you need to donate for programmer to do it! ;-) (ha!)

Vote on the poll to the right, or give you input in comments!

To See in detail how Lync Select Dial works, click here:

Download the Free Lync Select Dial App for Lync 2010:

To donate to the Lync Select Dial “needy programmer” if you suggested changeable:

Or…if you are not a generous soul, at least Click Here and give the app a 5star rating! ;-)

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