Using Polycom VVX500 IP Phone With Microsoft Lync: First Impression Review


Please note: This Polycom device is NOT Lync Certified. Polycom notes that it can register to Lync, but this device is NOT Lync Certified.

As of August 2012 the VVX 500 is Microsoft Lync Qualified when using FW this review was done using FW 4.0.1:

I need to admit that I have a accumulating stack of Lync devices that I need to review. After a discussion about the VVX500, I decided to pull the unit off the “stack” and put it through the paces. From my initial testing this appears have the potential to be a very interesting knowledge worker Lync device at some point.  A very outstanding feature of this device in Lync scenarios is that it exhibits NO delay when taking a call from Lync Response Groups—a first!

Video Review


Unique features of the VVX500

  • Gesture Touch screen (feels like a smartphone touchscreen/ 320x240/ 3.5” TFT)
  • 12 1-Touch Contacts on main screen
  • No delay on answering Lync Response Groups
  • API to customize the device
  • Polycom Desktop Connector: Use PC keyboard/mouse on phone! Click Here
  • USB based local call recording
  • Exchange Calendar integration

Some observations about the VVX500 device:

  • No dedicated Transfer/Call or Hang-up Button
  • Visual Voicemail (partial: how many new or old messages)
  • 12 Presence indicating Contacts on main screen is very clever
  • First Lync phone I have ever tested that has no Response Group delay through a PSTN Gateway. Zero delay from my **very unofficial** testing. (the closest contender is snom 821 UC Edition at 1.5 seconds: Click Here)
  • Transfer UI is not the most efficient (unless I’m missing something)
  • No ability to Park a Call (but you can Pickup a Parked Call)
  • Video Camera socket
  • For wall mounting this device requires an additional bracket ($25+/- if it is similar to CX600 bracket)
  • The VVX500 is not updated/provisioned from Lync Server. You will need separate provisioning infrastructure.
  • up.OneTouchVoicemail = Enabled (Preferences | Additional Preferences | User Preferences) can make this phone play voicemail with 1 button press
  • up.OneTouchVoicemail =Disabled and msg.bypassInstantMessage = Enabled will show true visualvoicemail



Below are the ports: power, headset, Ethernet, 1GB Ethernet switch port, Handset and below is headset.


Below: The USB video camera port on that top of the phone. Also, note a second usb port.


Below: Demonstrating the right to left swipe ability. Swiping from an active call to the main Contact page.


My thoughts/opinions on this device:

This device nails and addresses some of the challenges in with Microsoft Lync Ent. Voice presented by the current crop of Lync Phone Edition devices, but currently the overall design and feature set of the Polycom VVX feels more like a collaboration/information worker user device* (sans Better Together) than a heavy Voice user oriented IP Phone:

  • lack of dedicated transfer, Call and Hangup buttons
  • lack of 2 button transfer (even on the screen)
  • No call Park (this could be addressed with FW upgrade)
  • No definable Music on hold

Note that most, but not all, of the above items could be addressed with a future firmware update.
As always, I’d like to hear your input.


How to Configure this device with Lync by Jeff Schertz:

* I just noticed Polycom positions this device as an information worker device:


  1. Matt, does the lack of better together mean that you are not able to click to dial from the Lync client (or Outlook etc) with this phone? Thanks, James


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