Is SkyDrive Becoming Microsoft’s “Cloud OS” Plus?

Is the below picture Windows 8 Operating System Start Screen?

outlook dotcom menu

The answer is: No, this is the Skydrive “Start” menu! With the latest iteration of Skydrive, Skydrive has become even closer to a complete “Window Web OS”. What are some of the components of this “Web OS”?

  • Very simple “Start” menu
  • File Storage (Hardrive)
  • Office Apps
  • Photo viewer
  • Email (not only the client but the service as well!)
  • Presence & Instant Messaging (via Live Messenger web client)
  • This web OS easily sync’s with WindowsPhone, iPhone, now Android

What are some things currently lacking?

  • Configurable and complete Start menu
  • Ability to install additional apps
  • Printer management?

To access the “Start” menu, Open or Skydrive web interface, Goto email then:

how to get the skydrive Start menu

Make no mistake, the components that are already in Skydrive are a large part of what “light OS” users do.

Read more about the new features of Skydrive to be released soon and…keep an eye on the developing “Web OS”!

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