What Is Most Important Media Over IP On Mobile Devices? Blog Readers Have Spoken!


For this blog article we are putting to the side the vigorous debate of Call Via Work versus VoIP over mobile data networks and just asking: What is the most important media over IP to have on a mobile device?

Well, it looks like WindowsPBX blog readers want Voice far and away the most at 52 votes! I’ll admit I expected the runner up to not be so close: Video and Meeting Visuals tied at 13 votes each. And, in comparison, virtually no one is interested in Desktop (if you can call it that) Sharing from the mobile.

Microsoft has a quite compelling Lync Mobility component available now:

  • Wide array of supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone, Nokia
  • Easy to roll out
  • Scales for large amount of users
  • No additional investment for mobility piece
  • No extra servers or gateways to support mobile devices
  • Call Via Work media architecture ensures “always works”

But if you need media to go over IP right now then you may want to look at one of the below solutions that claim to bring VoIP over WIFI/3G/4G functionality to Microsoft Lync:

Thanks readers for you input!

snom ONE IP PBX Forum Community Grows Over 400% in 1 Year

I was doing a bit of reminiscing tonight and decided to checkup on how the snom ONE forum “community” has grown since pbxnsip became snom ONE. I did a post back in Feb 2011 just after snom took in pbxnsip and compared that to today’s forum members to get an idea of the growth:

  • Feb 2011 = 3,356 members
  • Jan 2012 = 13,032 members


I’d say not too bad. snom has been doing quite a bit of work in the last year in the PBX area and desk phone area:

  • snom 7xx Series
  • Microsoft Lync Qualification
  • snom ONE PBX Appliance
  • snom 300 UC (Lync Optimized device)

snom ONE remains a good PBX solution for SMB’s and hosted scenarios where UC is not a focus.

  • Very stable software based PBX
  • Cross platform: Windows/Linux/Mac software IP PBX
  • Largest feature set among Windows PBX’s
  • can hook into Microsoft Lync and Exchange UM (although not certified or qualified)


snom 760 First Impression Hands On Review


I have snom 760 in hand and have looked over it a bit and need to say my first impression is good. I think snom has an interesting device on its hands. (Note: The previous photo blog we did about the 760 I now realize was a prototype model and the production unit looks much better. )

Here are some thoughts:


  • Faster boot ( snom760=53secs and snom360=1m15secs)
  • Nice looking (compared to mockup model)
  • Easily printable BLF labels (straight piece of paper)
  • 2 color BLF present some interesting possibilities
  • 12 BLF buttons dedicated and 4 dedicated Line keys (means realistically 4 extra definable keys for 760 over 360)
  • Unit feels snappier (is cpu faster in 7xx series? better GUI feedback?)
  • New smooth phone user interface that takes advantage of hi color and hi resolution
  • tool less stand mount installation is nice
  • Ability to mount on a wall senario is welcome
  • Box says "snom UC Edition" ready so the cat is out of the bag there as far as snom’s intentions with this device
  • Blue Tooth upgradeable with dongle
  • Wi-Fi upgradable with dongle
  • push to talk button feature is cool.


  • No protection to color LCD seems almost an oversight.
  • The BLF buttons and round navigation button have little “over center” feel
  • Power supply is no longer included in the box
  • Might be nice to have a steeper tilt

Below are some screenshots and comments:


The snom 760 is a nice looking phone. It is grey in color compared to snom 3xx black. Overall the phone has a nice, solid feel to it.


The dedicated “Line” buttons are a marked improvement over the 3xx series.


The 12 dedicated definable, 2 color LED buttons are very welcome. Because of the 4 dedicated “Line” keys on the  7xx series, this effectively means the 760 has 4 more and 720 12 more BLF buttons than 370.


The Ethernet system has been upgraded to 1GB and a 1GB pass-through port. LED’s let you know if things are plugged in properly. The way the Ethernet is mounted on the chassis this phone should be fine wall mounted device.


The 760 has 2 USB ports that can be used for Blue Tooth and WIFI dongles.


The box states “snom UC Edition Ready” so I expect this is a hint that Lync firmware is in the works.


The unit comes with a paper manual. (but no power supply, I expect this is a cost cutting measure which is realistic considering most people will use POE)

Below are some phone user interface screen shots:


above is home screen and the DND.


above is a call in progress. Not the 2nd screenshot shows a new button press graphical indication allowed by the new higher screen resolution.


The full color screen shows nicely when you press the call record button as shown in the first picture.

A Couple Tips I Learned Publishing First Windows Phone App on the MarketPlace



  1. Your going to need a transparent graphic for you application Tile: No, Paint won’t work, get and below is how:
  2. Making all the different icons can be greatly sped up by using this Winodws Phone icon generator:
  3. Even publishing an app as a Beta app takes a bit (day?) to become fully available.
  4. With a phone app you spend a lot more time on design then a Windows form app.
  5. IIt’s a lot easier than I thought. ;-)

Here is some screenshots of the Who Can Federate Tool for Windowsphone:

Note: App submitted, waiting for it to be approved.

#WindowsPhone #Lync Who Can Federate Tool Limited BETA Released


2012-01-04 13-46-58.239

The Windows Phone Lync Who Can Federate Tool has been released to select group of beta testers. (If you are not in this limited beta you can always use the PC WCF Tool right now-click here) If you are in the group, check your LiveID email for the link.

Known Issues:

  • Does not scan some social media contact emails (I think this is a WP API limitation)

Known Issues on List to be fixed (or already fixed)

  • Incorrect false positive when “checking domain” which a very short domain
  • “checking domain” allows you to check a none valid domain
  • Enhancement: when you check a domain, it now remains on the screen instead of a message box.

Other notes:

  • If you want to blog, go ahead. Please link back to WindowsPBX blog using or the equivalent URL

Please put your comments and suggestions below as the Marketplace review features doesn’t seem to be working yet. Most of Beta testers have my Lync ID as well if you want to discuss something. (be aware this afternoon I may not be available.) Finally, thanks!

PS: I’m a AppHub/WindowsPhone Dev newbie, so I might get some things tangled-- bear with me. Winking smile

I’m Humbled and Honored to Receive the #Lync Microsoft #MVP Award #mvpbuzz



Some friends have been wondering: Have you been awarded Lync MVP? That answer is: I’m humbled and honored to have been awarded Microsoft Lync MVP designation on Jan 1, 2012.  Since I haven’t nominated myself or asked for this award, I would like to thank those who took the time and were a part of the process.

The MVP program is really about community—and I’d like to say that Microsoft Lync has an incredibly strong community thanks to the many veteran MVPs and thousands of others who contribute to make everyone’s life a little easier. Congratulate yourself.

For those not familiar with the MVP you might ask, What is an MVP? Below is Microsoft’s description:

The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who voluntarily share their high quality, real world expertise with others. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts representing technology's best and brightest who share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others. Worldwide, there are over 100 million participants in technical communities; of these participants, there are fewer than 4,000 active Microsoft MVPs. (for more details click here)

Now, off to going through the sign up process…

PS- At this point I’m planning to be at the MVP Summit 2012.