#WindowsPhone #Lync Who Can Federate Tool Limited BETA Released


2012-01-04 13-46-58.239

The Windows Phone Lync Who Can Federate Tool has been released to select group of beta testers. (If you are not in this limited beta you can always use the PC WCF Tool right now-click here) If you are in the group, check your LiveID email for the link.

Known Issues:

  • Does not scan some social media contact emails (I think this is a WP API limitation)

Known Issues on List to be fixed (or already fixed)

  • Incorrect false positive when “checking domain” which a very short domain
  • “checking domain” allows you to check a none valid domain
  • Enhancement: when you check a domain, it now remains on the screen instead of a message box.

Other notes:

  • If you want to blog, go ahead. Please link back to WindowsPBX blog using or the equivalent URL

Please put your comments and suggestions below as the Marketplace review features doesn’t seem to be working yet. Most of Beta testers have my Lync ID as well if you want to discuss something. (be aware this afternoon I may not be available.) Finally, thanks!

PS: I’m a AppHub/WindowsPhone Dev newbie, so I might get some things tangled-- bear with me. Winking smile

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