What Is Most Important Media Over IP On Mobile Devices? Blog Readers Have Spoken!


For this blog article we are putting to the side the vigorous debate of Call Via Work versus VoIP over mobile data networks and just asking: What is the most important media over IP to have on a mobile device?

Well, it looks like WindowsPBX blog readers want Voice far and away the most at 52 votes! I’ll admit I expected the runner up to not be so close: Video and Meeting Visuals tied at 13 votes each. And, in comparison, virtually no one is interested in Desktop (if you can call it that) Sharing from the mobile.

Microsoft has a quite compelling Lync Mobility component available now:

  • Wide array of supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone, Nokia
  • Easy to roll out
  • Scales for large amount of users
  • No additional investment for mobility piece
  • No extra servers or gateways to support mobile devices
  • Call Via Work media architecture ensures “always works”

But if you need media to go over IP right now then you may want to look at one of the below solutions that claim to bring VoIP over WIFI/3G/4G functionality to Microsoft Lync:

Thanks readers for you input!

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