How Ironic: Microsoft Lync Takes Multi-Vendor Hardware Approach While #OpenSource #Digium Shifts to Building Own Handsets #Asterisk


Tom Keating of TMCNet reports out of ITExpo that Digium will produce its own line of deskphones.

This strikes me as interesting/ironic that the Microsoft Lync ecosystem is appearing more diverse than the epitome of opensource PBX vendors: Digium.

Certified Lync Phone Edition

  • Poycom CX
  • Aastra
  • HP IP Phone

Lync Qualified Devices – Deskphones

Gateway/Survivable Branch Vendors

  • AudioCodes
  • Dialogic
  • Ferrari Electronics AG
  • NET
  • HP

Mobility Vendors (not sure if these are certified)

  • Altigen MaxMobile
  • AudioCodes Mobility Plus
  • Shoretel Mobility Router

And many more vendors in the video and Optimized for Lync program.Well, you can take a look at the devices list yourself:

TMCNet Article: Click Here


  1. Lync may be "Multi-Vendor" but I don't think it is standards-based.

    Digium is "Multi-Vendor" and standards-based.

  2. Jamie, Yes, Microsoft does require extensions to SIP.

    I'm more talking about the trajectory: Microsoft (the big, bad "closed" corp machine--i jest ;-) is actively cultivating eco system of 3rd party hardware makers, while Digium, (the free, open, everyone come as you are) by making their own hardware, is going the traditional pbx path. Or to quote Tom Keating "I just feel like we're headed back to the big iron PBX days of the 80s and 90s where you were forced to buy phones from the phone system manufacturer."

    This comment is not idle. when pbx vendors have their own deskphones others take definite 2nd place.

    I think Microsoft has a good plan: 3rd party devices with various certification levels to bring a lot of innovation, yet a certain amount of predictability.

    We'll see how it all goes. Just interesting to watch.


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