What is the Most Liked Lync Phone Edition Desk IP Phone? Poll Results


It looks like the Polycom CX600 is the favorite among Lync Phone Edition IP deskphones. This is not a great surprise as it has been around first and comes from well received Polycom lineup of Lync Optimized Devices.

What is more a surprise to me is the runner up: HP 4120! For a phone that was just released not that very long ago, HP 4120 already appears to have a following. The HP 4120 has a more traditional layout compared to the CX600 which may explain the seeming “instant” interest in this device. Perhaps you have some comments and input you can give as to your thots how this device shot up on the charts?

The trailer is the Astra 6725i. This is the lowest cost unit in the lineup but isn’t a bad device. I am just a little perplexed at its showing.

You might want to take a look at my video review of the HP 4120 phone:

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