#Lync User QuickTip #16: Leaving the Office? Move The Call To Your Mobile and Continue Call

You are on a phone call at your pc and you need to leave your office or head to the great outdoors? Setting this up just takes minutes.

If you do not have your mobile number defined for yourself, just click on “Options” | “Phones” and add your mobile phone number as shown below. (you might have to wait a bit till this takes affect)


Now your all set! If someone calls you and you need to walk out the door/drive down the road or just go get the mail, just click “Transfer” and then click your Mobile and the call will be transferred to your mobile device!


NOTES: At the moment I am not aware of a way to transfer the call back to the Lync Client. Also, I don’t think this tip works with Lync Phone Edition. (but if someone knows different, please correct me in comments.) This tip does NOT require the Lync Mobile client to be installed on the mobile device.

Requirements for this Tip: Enterprise Voice

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