[BREAKING] #Lync Mobile for #Android Gets an Update: Dialer & Call via Work

I just received an update that Microsoft Lync Mobile for Android got an update today that brings a Dial pad, and thus, Call Via Work, along with some other improvements, to the Android Lync app!

Here are some of the new items:

  • Call Via Work/ Dial Pad
  • Call-Via-Work from Contacts
  • Notification Setting
  • Status Icon improvement
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • One Click Meeting Join



Dialer pad (Dial pad didn’t show on screen shot above but its there!)


photo of dialpad above


Call-Via-Work from contact card


Call back in progress…

If this is a sign of update iteration for Lync Mobile, it is a very good sign!

Ken Lasko has an article that is better than mine. Please take a look:

Partial Source: @StevenDaugherty

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  1. We've updated our test phone to this version but still don't get one click meeting join.

    I know the iPhone is different with it's extra tab to show meetings, but as I understand it we should be able to click the join URL in the calendar on Android. All we get is the normal meet web page.


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