Hidden Feature in Lync Mobile for #WindowsPhone: Connect With Federated Contacts Not Already in Contact List #mvpbuzz #mvp12

Just fiddling with Lync Mobile for Windows Phone and realized there is a feature I did not notice before: the ability to start communication with a contact that is not already in your contact list.

To take a look at this feature, open Lync Mobile on Windows Phone and goto the Contacts screen.


Next, type in a Federated contact that is not currently in your Lync Mobile contact list. Now wait…and sure enough, it soon show you their presence/contact name/etc.


Now you can click on the contact and see their presence, Instant Message or Call them.


My thought is while this is nifty, it is more interesting in the fact that this means much of the background work around adding new contacts in Lync Mobile for Windows Phone is already done?


  1. Contacts can be searched and IM'ed using Android too :)

  2. @tadas thanks for that input...i checked does a well, so i guess they all do.


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