Emoticons Are No Joke: Skype4B to Address Lync 2013 Emoticon Change

skype (skype consumer) emoticons


skype4b via @LCansby

Emoticons are no joke, not even in the Enterprise! Microsoft Lync 2013 got an emoticon refresh that quickly led to “Bring Back the Emoticons!” “campaign”. In no time “Bring back pre-SP1 Emoticons” was among the top 10 items requested on

According to @flinchbot, Microsoft is communicating via the Infopedia EvenBuilder presentations that emoticons will be addressed in Skype for Business client. According to @flinchbot:

  • many of the complaints about the Lync 2013 client should be addressed in Skype4B client
  • Optionally animated
  • Some Lync specific emoticons have been removed (gtr)
  • Lync 2013 to get new emoticons as well (according to @tomorgan)
  • Emoticons that will be available by @MKressmark click here

The complete list of Skype (Skype4C) emoticons is available here.

What this all seems to indicate is that emoticons are much more serious than I previously thought.

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Call Monitor Pro: Call Monitor, Enhanced Feature Set and Extensibility Platform for Lync and Skype for Business

call-monitor-pro-logo-no obfuscation

Our team at Landis Computer Technology Solutions is passionate about UC user efficiency and productivity and has released a new community (that means free!) application called Call Monitor Pro for Lync and Skype for Business to make every user a bit more productive.

  • “Call Monitor” UI for Skype for Business and Lync 2013.
  • Enhanced Features: Additional Productivity Features
  • Extensibility Platform: Add functionality without programming


Skype for Business Call Monitor” Compared to Call Monitor Pro


Video Demo

Description of Functionality

Experts & Users  Speak

image“Looks like Matt Landis and team have hit it out of the ballpark again. Free Call Monitor Pro tool for Lync and Skype for Business.” –Pat Richard, Lync MVP, UC Architects podcast

image“[Call Monitor Pro] only deals with [voice] calls through Lync. Narrow focus often translates to good-quality apps. This one is no exception. Zero configuration required…auto-recognized my Jabra Motion Office headset…configure your own shortcut keys…this is a snappy little tool.” –LyncInsider, Chris Williams


Download the Free App Here:
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Some Observations on Skype Translator Preview: Impressive Translation, But Don’t Miss Transcription

There are other Skype Translator reviews (Mashable, etc) but I’ll just point out some things I noticed from my perspective that might be interesting to my audience.

  • Only Skype (Skype4C) contacts can be enabled for “Write” and “Speak” translation (in the Preview at least). (sorry, no Lync/Skype4B)
  • You enable translation by going to the Skype contact card and designating the “Write” and “Speak” languages of the contact. (Skype doesn’t auto-detect language)
    • currently the Preview only supports Spanish <-> English translation
    • English <-> English transcription (transcription in the IM pane)
  • “Speak” on has Spanish at this time; “Write” has many common languages. (~40?)
  • With “Speak” translation, you hear the actual voice of the other Skype user, then in a moment the translation. (also, there is a text based transcript in the IM panel)
    • You can start talking before the translation is done
    • I’ve noticed other people say this as well, but it’s hard to not think “United Nations”
  • You can also set the language to English on both sides and get a Transcript!
    • in my tests it is VERY accurate
    • Talking on top of each other does not cause a problem.
  • You can download a transcript if Skype did actual translation between languages, you only see the “transcript” in the IM panel if there is no translation (my experience)

Some Screen Shots

You designate a Skype contact’s written and spoken language in the Skype contact card. Only works with Skype contacts.


Set your own Translation settings, including what you sound like


The logo


English to English Transcript (full screen)


Just English transcript


Notice at the beginning of a Translation or Transcription call Skype speaks the below notice:


A little technical help from Skype


Downloadable HTML transcript