Microsoft Teams User tip #28: How Does a Teams Recording Handle Switching Between Webcams?

One of the things I've noticed using Microsoft Teams recording is that the recording will not necessary look or sound exactly like what the meeting organizer saw.

One of the items I noticed today is around switching webcams. When you switch between webcams you will can a momentary blank/black screen. By momentary, I should clarifying that this actually can take some time. Then the new webcam will start presenting.

The interesting thing is that the recording handles this slightly different. In recording the webcam image will freeze until the next camera starts.

In my opinion its really nice that you can switch between webcams so easily using native Microsoft Teams switching capability. In normal scenarios switching between webcams only happens to those with way too much hardware plugged into their PCs, but its good to know what effect switching will have on a recording.

If you want the switching on the recording to happen more smoothly, take a look at using OBS Studio  & webcam driver.