Step by Step Installing Lync Server 2013 Monitoring Role Collocated on Standard Edition Front End - Part 2

In Part 1 of Installing Lync Server 2013 Standard Edition we go our lab Lync 2013 server up and running. In this next step by step we will install the Monitoring role using SQL 2008. In Lync Server 2010 a Monitoring required an additional server. In Lync Server 2013 this has changed and Monitoring will be on your Front End.

This article presumes:

  • Server is Windows Server 2012
  • using SQL Server 2008
  • You have Lync Server 2013 Preview installed Using This Blog

So, to get started, lets prepare our Lync Server Front End (Windows Server 2012) by installing Queuing (you will/may not need this in RTM Lync Server). Do this by opening the “Add Roles and Features Wizard”


Monitoring role requires installing Full SQL 2008R2 or SQL 2012. (SQL EXPRESS will not cut it)

put SQL 2008 CD in place and run Setup.exe.


ok | next | next | next…


Feature Selection. Below are the SQL features we need:

  • Database Engine Services
  • Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Books Online
  • Management Tools – Basic
  • Management Tools – Complete


Instance Configuration:

Check Named Instance.


monitor named

Server Configuration:

NOTE:SQL should run as system account

NOTE: No password required.


Database Engine Configuration:


Reporting Services Configuration:

  • Native Mode
  • Now click Install (15minute install/wait time)

When done test SQL Reporting Services by running “Reporting Services Configuration Manager” (from Start menu)


Sure enough, it running!


Associate a Monitoring Store with a Front End Pool and Publish Topology

Open Lync topology builder. Drill down to your Standard Edition front (as shown below) then right click and Edit Properties.

edit topology to include monitoring role

Next we want to add a Monitoring role to this topology by going to General, scrolling down to and selecting “Monitoring (CDR and QoE metrics)” and then click New. We will type input our Front End as the FQDN (as shown), select “Named Instance” and give it the name “MONITOR” (we will later install a SQL instance with this name) and click OK, Ok.

config monitor in topology

Action | Topology | Publish.

publish monitoring topology

Next we will goto Start and open the Lync Server Management Shell (Powershell).

lync server managment shell

Run the below command:

Install-CsDatabase –LocalDatabases

Deploy Monitoring Reports

Run the Lync Deployment Wizard again and click “Deploy Monitor Reports”


Specify credentials to access monitor SQL database. (for this lab I used domain Administrator)


Now reports are being deployed…


Once the reports are deployed you will be presented with URL for reports. You can copy and paste this into Internet Explorer. (grin)


When you click on the reports URL you be presented with:


You have successfully installed Lync Monitoring role!

Note: After rebooting this server, SQL Server Reporting Services (MONITOR) did not seem to auto start and need to go into the SRS Config and start it.

Continue your lab with more articles in this Lync Server 2013 Step by Step Series:


  1. Quick addition.

    I was getting errors during the "Deploy Monitoring reports", until I ran the install or update Lync components step 2 first.

    Then it worked perfectly. Loving the guides by the way!

    1. Thanks Chris. Ran into the same thing but your suggestion worked perfectly.

  2. Hi,

    I am getting the following error when I run the 'Install-CsDatabase –LocalDatabases'

    Install-CsDatabase : An error occurred while creating or updating the database for feature MonitoringStore. For details, see the log file 'C:\Users\..._MONITOR-[2013_01_17][07_52_39].log'
    At line:1 char:1
    + Install-CsDatabase -LocalDatabases
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:SourceCollection) [Install-CsDatabase], ConnectionFailureException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : TaskFailed,Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.InstallDatabaseCmdlet
    WARNING: Install-CsDatabase failed.
    WARNING: Detailed results can be found at
    Install-CsDatabase : Command execution failed: Failed to connect to server <>\MONITOR.
    At line:1 char:1
    + Install-CsDatabase -LocalDatabases
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Install-CsDatabase], ConnectionFailureException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ProcessingFailed,Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.InstallDatabaseCmdlet

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated


    1. Not sure what to say offhand, I suggest take this to the lync forum to more input:

      you can always reference that you followed this guide as most are familiar with it.

    2. Hi in your SQL Server Networkconfiguration --> Protocols for Monitor the TCP/IP is disabled. Enable it an then it will work.

      Regards Claudius

  3. Hi Matt Microsoft says here you cannot collocate you lync monitoring DB on your Lync 2013 SE Server. Did you run into any Problems doing so anyways?

    1. i suspect this was not documented at preview time when this was written. needs to be updated. thanks!

  4. Matt,
    Mine is working fine, but so many sql instance running of the same server is quite heavy.
    The Install-CsDatabase : An error occurred if you didn't select at the installation that all services should run under system account. it is a must to do. i've struggled several days on this too. Also be sure to register your spn for all your instance correctly in AD. notice and resolve all the errors you see about SQL in your event viewer.
    Watch out also if that you installed Reporting Services and then you decide to change the service account, to backup the your encryption keys before and reinstalled them under the new service account.
    Lync is not only Unified Communications, but you need to be also a good DBA to understand the SQL platform you running on!

  5. I noticed the Monitoring Report screenshot is Lync 2010 not 2013.

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  8. Hi i Already have a SQL server on an other server. What is the powershell command to setup the database on an other server ?

  9. Does this have to be installs as a Named Instance or can I use a Default Instance on a server I already have setup?

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  12. Great information and works perfect for PC based Lync clients. However, I'm having trouble getting report information for UCS phones (Polycom VVX) using Lync. I can get reports on calls from phone to PC, but not phone to phone. Is there anything to enable on the Lync Monitoring server side to catch these calls?

  13. what is the minimum level of access credentials that is required to access the Monitoring SQL DB?

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