Far Side Camera Control for Microsoft Lync by Scott Hanselman via GitHub Project

I have not had a chance to play with it yet, but it looks like Scott Hanselman has created a small .NET app that brings far end camera control to Microsoft Lync and combines ease of use, no drivers and using a device that is very affordable (Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam).  Scott’s goal is to make a kiosk to bring himself to a remote workplace, but this concept, with modifications, could conceivably work for scott-hanselman-far-end-camera-controlstandard videoconferencing or to make a very low cost camera into a “poor man’s” meeting room device.

To the left is Scott’s visual diagram of his creation which combines .NET, SignalR, WPF and Windows Azure to achieve far end camera control. I like the use of transparent app overlaying Lync video for the camera PTZ controls: clever.

Keep an eye on Scott’s blog as he plans to write an article explaining his app in more detail when he gets a moment. Also, enjoy his quick video below on his project.

Scott’s Lync Blog Content:

GitHub Project URL:


  1. I am more interested in the auto answer, is that project available somewhere?

  2. checkout scott's autoanswer blog:

    also, here is github:


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