UCMA 3.0 Microsoft Lync Server Side Development Without Installing a Complete Lync Environment

application-developmentI wrote another article “Writing Your First .Net App for Lync 2010 in 5 Easy Steps and 10 Short Minutes” but unfortunately there is no 10 minute Lync Server side UCMA kick start.

Perhaps the closest you can get to a “10 minute first UCMA app jumpstart” is if you can nicely separate your UCMA app from Lync. if so, you can use Michael Greenlee’s excellent article “Writing UCMA 3.0 Apps Without Lync”. What this clever solution does is allows you to use any standard SIP softphone to test your UCMA application. (Very clever, hat tip to Michael.)

If your UCMA app hooks into the inards of Lync, then you just may need to have complete Lync environment. To help with this Microsoft has released a complete Lync Server environment in VHD’s!

Get the Lync Server 2010 VHD Test Drive:

Michael Greelee’s Article on Using :

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