First Sighting: Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Optimized for Lync/Skype for Business


Logitech ConferenceCam Connect is a new Lync Qualified (Skype for Business) device with unique cylindrical shape which is 12” high and 27 ounces.

Some unique characteristics of this desktop device

  • Internal Battery (or wall power)
  • 360* sound within 12-foot diameter
  • 90* field of view video cam
  • Tilt-Pan-Zoom/ 4x digital zoom
  • wireless connectin via Miracast
  • NFC for easy paring

Other specs noted

  • 1080p
  • HDMI video-out port
  • Works with most apps
  • Available March 2015

Logitech video

3 modes: Video conferencing, BlueTooth, Miracast screen mirroring.image

1080p, 4x digital zoom Carl Zeiss. image

Connect with Video camera security cover onimage

HDMI Connector for screen mirroringimage


Limited Edition 2nd color and another view of the topimage

Logitech Announcement:

Skype for Business Server 2015 Poised to Address 35% of Top 20 Community Requests at


7 out of the top 20 community requested improvements appear set to be addressed by the Skype for Business Server 2015 release.

Rank Vote Description    
1 164 Better Response Groups   Yes, partial
2 128 Convert sefautil.exe to standard shell cmdlets    
3 127 Request to take control (for helpdesk)    
4 123 ability to save a contact's number along with pauses and DTMF    
5 119 Bring back the pre-SP1 emoticons    
6 100 Ability to manage Hotkeys    
7 97 Rule based call forwarding    
8 93 REAL single PIN for Lync and Exchange    
9 89 Forwarding on busy    
10 73 Lync client for Mac improvements   Promised
11 73 Remove steps from the Lync 2013 Client call transfer process   Yes, partial
12 70 Admin level ability to disable Hide My Picture in Lync Client    
13 68 Response Group Delay   Maybe
14 59 Busy on busy    
15 58 Change status to Off-Work based on working hours    
16 55 Expansion of Emoticons    
17 50 Push IMs To All Clients   Yes
18 49 Lync Phone Edition should support DHCP timezone    
19 48 Revamp the Desktop Sharing engine   Yes
20 47 Raise hand feature in conferences    

1 Better Response Groups – Scalability improvements are known at this time.

10 Lync client for Mac improvements – Microsoft has promised to address this and in the mean time some improvements

11 Remove steps from the Lync 2013 Client call transfer process – From screenshots and demonstrations it looks like one click/hover was removed, so improved some!

13 Response Group Delay – Will scalability/performance improvements help with this? No guarantee

17 Push IMs To All Clients – Looks to be addressed in mobile client.

19 Revamp the Desktop Sharing engine – “10 times less bandwidth utilization than Lync 2013 RTM”

First Sighting: Microsoft Surface Hub 84” 4K Whiteboard Running Skype for Business



The Surface Hub for group collaboration: White boarding with OneNote and Meetings with Skype for Business and a large screen app platform.

  • Windows 10 based device
  • 84” and 55” sizes
  • 4K
  • Inking
  • Ink Back
  • Microphones
  • Dual Cameras
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Built in PC
  • Bluetooth/NFC
  • wide array of "advanced sensors”
  • (it appears hardware by Perceptive Pixel)
  • Ability to present from a second tablet sized Surface via wireless adapter
  • Can run other apps
  • Support Skype for Business (aka Lync) (source: click here)
  • No Price Mentioned
    • Forrester: "We expect Surface Hub to cost more than Lync Room System" click here

Some significant items Hyat the presenter noted:

  • “1 cable to get started”
  • “When I picked up the pen, the whiteboard automatically launched…”
  • What you are seeing on the screen is Skype for Business designed for the large screen…”
    • “It is taking full advantage…of the dual cameras…”
Surface Hub Video (from Windows 10 Live Event)
Some Pictures

Skype for Business designed for the large screenimage

Skype for Business One-Click Meeting Launch (next meeting is the blue panel) image

Share Content with 1 click (or end meeting and save content with one click)image


Microsoft Marketing Video


More articles:

Livestream Video about SurfaceHub (starts at 1:29)

Marketing Video

What’s New in Skype for Business Server: New Features List


This blog will summarize the new features in Skype for Business Server 2015 (formerly known as Lync Server 2013). The goal for this blog is to be a brief way to see “What’s New & Improved”.

  • New Desktop Client Experience (very detailed blog
  • In-Place Upgrade
  • SQL Always On support
  • New in Meetings
    • P2P screen sharing performance fixes: Reduce bandwidth utilization by 10x compared to Lync 2013
    • Lync Room System to get updates
    • test
  • VIS - Video Interop Server (new server role)
  • Manageability Improvements
    • Windows Fabric v2 responsible for Failover mgmt., Pri/2nd node election, Replication between Pri/2nd nodes
    • Start a pool with single cmdlet: Start-CsPool
    • Simplified Patching Process
  • Server Core Updates to Improve Reliability
    • Conferencing reliability
    • Chat and presence reliability
  • New Voice Features
    • Call via Work
    • SILK available as a codec 
    • RGS Scalability Improvements
      • Agent Group 800; IVR Group 400; Agents per pool 2,400
    • Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) (new server role)
  • Mobility Improvements
    • Full history of IM across all endpoint
  • Skype4B to Skype Federation Improvements (Phase2)
    • Skype username search
  • New Development Platform: UCAP
Key Pictures

In-place upgradeimage

Simplified Patchingimage

Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)image

“Call Via Work” User Configurationimage



Skype for Business Updates from Office 365 Summit (Mexico)

NOTE: This post will be updated as we go.

We will report on new items that we notice in this blog post as they become available.

What’s New in Skype for Business Server?


  • New Desktop Client Experience (details
  • In-Place Upgrade
  • SQL Always On support
  • New Meeting Features
    • “…major features coming to Skype for Business meetings …”
  • Video Interop Server investments
  • Management of Server Pools Streamlined
  • Simplified Patching Process
  • Server Core Updates to Improve Reliability
  • New Voice Features
    • (Several unmentioned features)
    • Call via Work
  • Skype4B to Skype Federation Improvements (Phase2)
    • Skype username search


Dynamics CRM 2015 Brings Native Skype4B/Lync Integration (source: click here)
  • Click to Dial
  • A new phone call activity is created


Screenshots Out of Office 365 Summit

Some screen shots of the first public presentation on Skype for Business from Office 365 Summit (Mexico)

Multiparty videoimage

via @daburo_tech

IM window with some new elements not on previously released screenshotsimage

via @daburo_tech

Contact search via @alexloam


The Office 365 Summit sessions will be available later here:

Skype for Business Readiness Series (future)

Yealink Adds Lync Compatibility


Back in May 2012 we reported that Yealink apparently has intentions of bringing a Lync capable device to market, but at that time a company official noted “It will take time”. Well, it looks like 2 years later they are making good on their promise and Greig Sheridan has done an excellent review of the Yealink T48G.

It appears that Yealink is writing their own Lync/Skype for Business firmware and is not taking the tack of Grandstream, who for their GXV3275 is using the Android Lync client. Also, according to Greig’s article Yealink is providing Lync/Skype4B firmware for two models:

  • T48G
  • T22

Below, Yealink T48G Lync firmware (courtesy


It appears that increasingly a requirement for IP phones is that they have Lync/Skype for Business compatibility. At this time there is no entry on the official Microsoft 3PIP page for Yealink IP phone models.

Review of Yealink T48G:

Review of Grandstream GXV3275

2012 Lync Yealink Press Release

Jabra Evolve 80 Review: I’m Loving It!

The Jabra Evolve 80 is a high end Lync-optimized wired stereo headset that has made me realize I can still be wowed by great, well-designed Lync hardware. A couple things combined to make the Evolve catch your attention:

  • Right off, just good looking with quality build and red/silver accents
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
  • Easily convert to analogue headset
  • Microphone boom folds up out of the way “listen mode”

I won’t repeat the specs you can get many other places including Jabra’s official website, but we’ll just look at a few unique features that set the Jabra Evolve 80 apart.

A view of the Evolve with headset boom in talk mode


Microphone boom nicely stows up and out of the way for your ebook/music listen commute


ANC on/off slider is a white lighted button that let you know when ANC is on. There is a battery in the headset, which adds some weight but means ANC works even when the USB controller is unplugged. Can be charge by being plugged into a PC by USB or note the mini USB charger on the right. (with its own red LED, unlit in this picture)


The battery charging LED lit as the unit is plugged into a PC via USB.


On the left and right a nice, large, red Busylight to clearly indicate when you are on the phone. You can also press the button on the USB controller to turn on the Busylight when ever you want. Also, you can turn it OFF during a call.


The USB controller is fairly straightforward except that the round button in the center is the Busylight control. You can turn the Busylight ON when you are not in a call, or turn it OFF when you ARE in a call. The first Lync Optimized device I’ve seen with this feature.


The Evolve 80 can be a work horse business headset and be instantly transformed to a standard jack headphone by unplugging from the controller. Very nice feature.


On the right side there is a button to “Listen-in” which digitally pipes outside sounds to your ears. (the digital version of lifting ear muff). With ANC on white noise drops dramatically.


Some note the Evolve 80 has a little weight (batteries?) and my scale say 11.1 oz. I did not notice them to be to weighty and they do feel very solid.


Just another look at the build quality, which is very good.


Another look


Conclusion: Jabra has one nice Lync optimized headset on their hands!

Lync / Skype for Business: What Is Coming in 2015?

What is coming in 2015 for the Lync / Skype for Business world?