Skype for Business User Tip #47: Find & Replace Contacts that Changed

So you are notified that a contact has changed their SIP address and now you want to update your Skype for Business client. How do you find all the “Contact Lists”/Groups this contact is in? Actually not too hard.

First, search for the contact in Skype for Business.

Next click on “More Options” and then “Add to Contacts List” and now you will see a list of all the Contact Lists/Groups that have this contact in them in a light gray font.


Now you can add the new contact in each group and then delete the old contact and your done.

Enjoy Skype for Business & see you next time!

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Skype Room System Version 3 Is Here with Dual Monitor Support & Theming

It looks like our Logitech Smartdock Skype Room System automatically updated with some nice new features:

  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Themes

Dual Monitor Support:


Dual Monitor Support with four videos:


Change Themes

Includes a handful of themes and an option for a custom theme. (is there guidance on how to make a theme? didn’t see how right off)


Setup Dual Monitor



Just go to settings | Features | Dual Monitor Mode ON and allow the SRS to restart.


This is a nice update and it was quite automatic.