Matt’s #MSIgnite 2016 Skype for Business Notes Summary


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Monday 9/26

Gurdeep Singh Pall Keynote – 11AM @ B312-B314. Livestream here:

  • “the new Skype for Business for Mac will be available in October.”
  • “real-time transcription and translation in Skype Meeting Broadcast by the end of 2016”
  • iOS Skype for Business app get CallKit support
  • Project Rigel will be called “next generation Skype Room System”
    • Logitech Smart Dock for Skype Room System: Reserve Today; Available in Weeks
    • Crestron Skype Room System Shipping End 2016
    • Polycom MSR for Skype Room System Shipping Early 2017
    • Skype Room Systems will sell for approximately $2-3K
  • Previews of PSTN Calling in France and Spain in October
  • Org Auto Attendant & Call Queue Preview October
    Skype for Business Advanced Analytics Preview October
  • Demonstrated how to use PowerShell to Move Users to appropriate Regional DataCenter
  • Noticed
    • Microsoft is moving towards a black background on video screens (Mac/ Next Gen Skype Room System)

Other Items

Tuesday 9/27

Microsoft Demos (very early sneak peek) Skype for Business video meeting with no plugin (Edge/Chrome) in Office 365 Outlook Web App: click here


Andrew Bybee, Principal GPM Microsoft, noted that Trusted Application API (not final name) will be  "very soon". The  Preview, which will include messaging and calling, will be available early 2017.


Audiocodes announces new IP phone: 450HD Execute IP Phone for Skype for Business. Unique points: Color touch is new for Audocodes, SILK. (certification coming in the future, not yet): Click Here


Wednesday Sept 28

First thing Wed. Josh and I did a podcast on Skype for Business news: click here


Skype for Business MAC Client Post GA Roadmap:

Custom Skype for Business Sizing Calculator by by @EmptyMessage

Thursday Sept 29

Stale Hansen Reports: “Desktopsharing coming really soon for Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast using VbSS”: Click Here

No UCMA to Trusted Application API Converter. Also, No intention to port Trusted Application API to Skype for /Business on Prem Click Here (Source: David Newman, Microsoft,  in Q&A in BRK4013 session)

Gurdeep Singh Pall will transition the Skype team to Rajesh ...& move to his next role. Read More

Microsoft Ignite in Orlando on Sept 25-29, 2017. click here (and ironies: while we were on the way out we saw this sign announcing the next Ignite and, thinking we missed the announcement, took a group photo with the sign and posted it, I think inadvertently announcing the news in this tweet)


Preregister Click Here

Skype for Business User Quick Tip #43: Add a Menu Item to Meet Now in Your Dedicated User Meeting Space


Anthony Caragol has done a nice write up on how to add a “Meet Now in Dedicated User Meeting Space” which I wanted to include in this “Skype for Business User Quick Tip” series:

For a ton more cool User Tips, get the Skype for Business User Tips & Tricks for Anyone Free eBook


See the other Skype for Business User QuickTips (formerly known as Lync)

How Many Delegates and Delegators Does the Skype for Business Client Support?

How many delegates and delegators does the Skype for Business client support? For a simple 1 to 1 Boss Admin scenario this question isn’t very relevant. But in scenarios where many admin’s takes care of many boss’s this question can come up.

According to this Microsoft KB 3043678 article: "Lync 2013 and Skype for Business support the following delegate and delegator relationship thresholds:

  • A boss (delegator) can have twenty-five administrators (delegates).  
  • An administrator (delegate) can have two bosses (delegators).”

But is there a hard limit? Apparently not. I did a test by adding a user as the delegate for 20 other user and it can be done and the functionality seems to work. BUT, ONCE AGAIN, IT APPARENTLY IS NOT SUPPORTED.

What is the experience of a delegate in the Skype for Business client when 20 other users have assign you as delegate?


making a call for one of 20 delegators:


Or how about “Meet Now” for another user when you are delegate for 20 users?


Alright, once again the supported limits are that an admin can only have 2 bosses.

To make the administration of assigning up to 25 admins as delegates for one boss a little easier you can use sefautil.exe or, even better, the free SEFAUtil Server tool. But each of these tools ultimately uses UCMA underneath which has a small bug related to assigning delegates that you might do well to be aware of. When you assign delegates using the Skype for Business client, the Skype for Business user who was made a delegate will receive a notification as show below:


If you do this task using (any version of) sefautil, the client will not receive this notification. To read more about this, click here.