How Many Delegates and Delegators Does the Skype for Business Client Support?

How many delegates and delegators does the Skype for Business client support? For a simple 1 to 1 Boss Admin scenario this question isn’t very relevant. But in scenarios where many admin’s takes care of many boss’s this question can come up.

According to this Microsoft KB 3043678 article: "Lync 2013 and Skype for Business support the following delegate and delegator relationship thresholds:

  • A boss (delegator) can have twenty-five administrators (delegates).  
  • An administrator (delegate) can have two bosses (delegators).”

But is there a hard limit? Apparently not. I did a test by adding a user as the delegate for 20 other user and it can be done and the functionality seems to work. BUT, ONCE AGAIN, IT APPARENTLY IS NOT SUPPORTED.

What is the experience of a delegate in the Skype for Business client when 20 other users have assign you as delegate?


making a call for one of 20 delegators:


Or how about “Meet Now” for another user when you are delegate for 20 users?


Alright, once again the supported limits are that an admin can only have 2 bosses.

To make the administration of assigning up to 25 admins as delegates for one boss a little easier you can use sefautil.exe or, even better, the free SEFAUtil Server tool. But each of these tools ultimately uses UCMA underneath which has a small bug related to assigning delegates that you might do well to be aware of. When you assign delegates using the Skype for Business client, the Skype for Business user who was made a delegate will receive a notification as show below:


If you do this task using (any version of) sefautil, the client will not receive this notification. To read more about this, click here.


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  1. I think MSFT updated the article couple of days ago, because today it says:

    •A boss (delegator) can have 25 administrators (delegates).
    •An administrator (delegate) can have up to 25 bosses (delegators).

    Skype for Business 2016 MSI clients are still limited to 2 bosses per delegate.

    So basically now there is distinction bethween C2R and .MSI clients. Also I dont blame you that you havent noticed the updated content, basically its a shame MSFT doesnt give you notification or highlight or decision history whats changes on the damn article, similar to how in wikipedia you could compare past versions.


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