Microsoft Teams User Tip #22: Quickly Create a Folder & Copy Files to It from Multiple Mobile Devices

The Challenge

What should be easier than creating a folder in a Team and copying multiple files to it from various Mobile devices? At the moment this is stymied by several Microsoft Teams limitations:

  • Users cannot copy a file directly from a mobile device to a specific Teams Folder using the Teams mobile app
  • Users cannot select several files at once to upload to a conversation. User need to select each file, then wait (a considerable time till it uploads for a typical Android photo file), then select the next. No user will do this…

So how can users achieve this?

This process will essentially require a desktop Teams client to get started, then mobile users can contribute.

1 - Create a file folder in a team using Microsoft Teams on a PC.

2 - Now open this folder using Sharepoint (Open in Sharepoint) to get the Sharepoint URL.


3 - Next, copy the Sharepoint URL into a Conversation in this team labeled something like “Link to efficiently upload file to this folder”

4 – Now on Mobiles and PC’s users can click on the Sharepoint URL and efficiently send multiple files to this Teams folder.

5 – On the mobile devices click on the Sharepoint URL | “…” | Upload | Files | and now select the multiple files to be uploaded…

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Enterprise Connect 2018 Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Observations

Microsoft started EC18 with a bunch of announcements, demonstrating the rapid  (even dizzying) pace of development of their Microsoft Teams product. Some of the big items include:

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Microsoft Teams Phone Application (Vendors Audiocdoes & Yealink)

Both Yealink and AudioCodes have prelease demonstration models of Microsoft Teams native desk phones running Microsoft developed android app.

I’ve done a blog listing some of the items we know about these new devices along with a quick first look video here:

SRS (Skype Room System/ to eventually be Teams Room System) Continue to Proliferate (Vendors Lenovo & HP)

To demonstrate how big Lenovo is betting on their new SRS, they have a complete booth dedicated to their SRS device.

Room Phones by Various Vendors

Polycom Trio, Yealink CP960 and Crestron Mercury. See Tom’s article:

Busy Light Vendors Continue to Innovate (Embrava)

Embrava brings a presence light that includes a name display for dynamics office spaces.

Landis Technologies is Showing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Our team is announcement and showing an Office 365 (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Online & Skype for Business Server) Contact Center at Booth 744.

Microsoft Teams Phone Application First Look

Quick Video Review Below of Audiocodes 450S Microsoft Teams native phone.

Video First Look


More Details

Some Items
-It looks like a "mini" Teams app
-Its an Andoid app
-Its a voice centric app
-There's a vendor settings menu in setup
-Hardware buttons work with app: for example dialing jumps to dialing screen, on Yealink model voicemail button switches to voicemail tab
- Voicemail transcriptions show on the voicemail tab
-No "Better Together" connection to PC at this time (source:Yealink)
-No Teams messaging components seem to be on the app