Emoticons Are No Joke: Skype4B to Address Lync 2013 Emoticon Change

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skype4b via @LCansby

Emoticons are no joke, not even in the Enterprise! Microsoft Lync 2013 got an emoticon refresh that quickly led to “Bring Back the Emoticons!” “campaign”. In no time “Bring back pre-SP1 Emoticons” was among the top 10 items requested on

According to @flinchbot, Microsoft is communicating via the Infopedia EvenBuilder presentations that emoticons will be addressed in Skype for Business client. According to @flinchbot:

  • many of the complaints about the Lync 2013 client should be addressed in Skype4B client
  • Optionally animated
  • Some Lync specific emoticons have been removed (gtr)
  • Lync 2013 to get new emoticons as well (according to @tomorgan)
  • Emoticons that will be available by @MKressmark click here

The complete list of Skype (Skype4C) emoticons is available here.

What this all seems to indicate is that emoticons are much more serious than I previously thought.

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