HP 4120 IP Lync Phone Edition Video Review

Here is my video review of the HP 4120.

No surprises with the Lync Phone Edition firmware. HP has brought some new things like “quiet return to cradle”, bigger buttons, no mechanical hook switch, and Ethernet indicator lights. But no large surprises, just another solid Lync certified IP phone.

-quiet "return to cradle" design
-bigger buttons
-2 tilt angles (some have requested higher tilt angle)
-Ethernet indicator lights (can blink in low light office environments)
-narrower than cx600 (taller as well)
-wall mountable (by how cables are routed)
-no mechanical off/on hook switch (to wear out)


  1. Thanks for the review Matt. Do you know if this phone will work with OCS R2?

    1. Yes, the phone will work with ocs R2. It is a standard Lync Phone Edition.

  2. Hi Matt,

    hope you don't mind if I correct you: Lync Phone Edition equipped devices are not backward compatible to OCS 2007 R2! In case of common area phones (no better together USB), which authenticate with the Lync introduced TLS-DSK is easy to see, it will never work. Afaik the Information Worker Devices where providing NTLM (the only Authentication in case of OCS 2007 R2 for not AD joined endpoints - not Kerberos capable) credentials is possible via USB Better together will refuse to connect to a legacy MS-RTC registrar (R1,R2). Maybe there is a trick to force them or pre-RTM version of Lync Phone Edition that would allow it, but thats definetly nothing that is supported by Microsoft.
    The only one of the Windows CE based devices of the "Optimized" family is the Tanjay from ASKEY (aka LG-Nortel IP8540, aka Polycom CX700) that can be registered to OCS 2007 R2 and R1 after downgrading it from Lync Phone Edition to a legacy firmware. This firmware / phone was / is also known / named: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 Phone Experience (Device) - MOCPED, while "Experience" being the operative word. ;)

    btw: snom's UC (OCS) edition device family is forward and backward compatible to OCS 2007 R2 and Lync Server 2010 according to our best knowledge and as qualified by Microsoft.

    Cheers and greetings from Berlin,

  3. Jan, thanks for that correction!

  4. Does this model support video call ?

    1. The phone does not do video, but just like any LPE device, it can do the audio portion of a video with paired Lync client.

  5. Any comments on how it behaves in the Lync response group environment? I know the cx600 has the 2-3 second audio delay so I was wondering if this had the same issue.

    1. Delay is the same as with cx600 .. its related to the phone edition firmware

    2. yes, ALL lync phone edition "aries" based devices have this issue.

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  7. Hi Matt.
    Thanks for a nice Review.

    A Quick question.
    Does this phone work with LYNC Server 2013 aswell?

    Thanks in advance.


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