First Impression Video Review of #Polycom #Spectralink 8400 Lync Features


Note: The Polycom 4.0.1 UC Firmware is NOT Microsoft Lync Qualified as of 2/23/2012.
Note: Lync Limitations of Polycom 4.0.1 FW: Click Here (Slide 11)
Note: This is first impression thoughts, I’ve only used the device several days.

The Polycom Spectralink 8440 is a SIP, WIFI based portable phone that Polycom has released a firmware update that brings Lync connectivity to the device.

This was my first experience with Polycom’s non-Lync Optimized devices and it took me just a little bit to orient myself (which I plan to blog on) but after figuring out the basics, upgrading to 4.0.1 and configuring the device to register with Lync (following Jeff Schertz’ blog post) worked with no surprises.

My first impression of the Polycom device (Lync aside) is that the screen resolution and unit build quality is very good. The user interface is intuitive and you can do common call features in just a few clicks.

Well, below is the video:

More on Polycom UC firmware 4.0.1:

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